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Avoid Thinning And Breakage Through Nutritional Hair Growth Supplements

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What Do You Mean By Hair Growth Supplements?

Have you ever noticed that your hair seemed out a lot more thinned out than usual? Hair thinning and breakage are becoming common now days, due to various factors like stress, expose to sun rays, lack of proper diet, nutrients deficiency, chemicals available in hair care products and many others.

The best nutrients which your hair needs come from the food we eat in our day to day life. They help your hair at the critical conditions by providing proteins, vitamins, iron and others. The intake of these nutrients can be also taken in forms of hair growth supplements which are inexpensive and easily available at the stores. They can be consumed through natural sources, pills, energy drinks and others.

Usually hair growth supplements don’t need any prescription as there are no side effects because it consists of natural ingredients of nutrients.

Natural Source of Hair Growth Supplements

Vitamin, minerals and protein are nutritional supplement for hair growth. Some of the nutritional elements play an important role in hormonal metabolism that helps in hair growth, they are as follows:

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  • Vitamin A, B and E: Vitamins are common diet supplement for hair. It acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that stimulates hair follicles and helps in the production of new hair growth. The natural sources of vitamins are carrot, green vegetables, eggs, meat, whole grain, pulses and many others.
  • Iron: Iron deficiency in your body can lead to hair loss. This is a very important nutrient to keep your hair strong. The natural sources of iron are kidney bean, greens like spinach, meat and beetroot.
  • Biotin: Biotin supplements helps to tide over problems like damaged hair and hair loss when they are in critical condition. The natural sources of biotin are egg, meat, pulses and whole grains.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: These fatty acids are overall necessary for healthy and re-growing hair follicles. The natural sources of essential fatty acids are flaxseeds, nuts and fish.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a beneficial mineral required for hair growth. It is an important anti-oxidant that helps in hair repair and re-growth. The natural sources of zinc are meat, eggs and poultry.

Tips to Use Hair Growth Supplements

  • Consume vitamin supplements along with your meals. This helps in the absorption of complete nutrients at the faster speed by your body.
  • Avoid taking iron supplements with milk or any source of calcium because they don’t help in absorbing all the nutrients. It can be consumed with fruits which are high in vitamin C like orange, sweet lime, lime juice, tomato and others. These helps the iron supplements to digest faster and absorb all the nutrients by your body.

Conclusion: To have a faster growth there are several supplements like pills and health drinks, but before taking in excess consult the experts as which kind of pills would suit to your hair type. However the natural sources are always better as it has no side effects and are easily available.

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