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Essential Hair Growth Oil For Healthy Scalp And Follicles

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


The hair growth oil provides essential fatty acids to your scalp and follicles. This offers necessary nutrients which creates therapeutic action to your hair.

According to the ancient principles of ayurveda the oil is a unique formula for maintaining long, beautiful, healthier and strong hair. This is not only proved in ancient time, but it is effectively followed in today’s era. It contains natural and organic ingredients without any harmful chemicals which can affect your hair. Basically it acts on a weak or dead follicles and gives a new life to your hair. The hair growth oil not only helps for faster growth, but also re-grows the hair on the state of baldness.

Initially when the hair growth oil was discovered, it used to be prepared handmade and sold in small bottles at a very high price. Now as the technology has improved, there are many companies who manufacture hair oil with affordable cost and is easily available in the market.

How Does Hair Re – Grow With the Help of Oil

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Damaged hair follicles can be cured. With the help of oil the damaged hair gets activated within 40 – 60 Days. Initially new hair sprouts are very thin and silky. The regular use of oil provides them a matured firmness and converts into an original hair type. Gradually turns into developed and cured hair follicles.

The hair growth oil works as an ayurvedic medicine that is harmless to your scalp and hair. It works as a natural protein or keratin on the passages where the hair growth is completely stopped. The oil extends itself and enters the dermis through the neighboring active hair follicles whose passages are wide and open. Due to this the oil reaches the closed passage and provides essential nutrients to the dead hair. This process helps in re-growth of hair in an effective manner.

Steps for Applying Hair Growth Oil

  • Shake the oil container properly before use. If possible heat the oil and apply on the scalp. This will help the hair follicles to absorb quickly and helps to works faster.
  • Keep your hair and scalp dry before applying the oil. This helps the oil to get enter the dermis automatically and penetrate in to the follicles.
  • Apply the oil in your scalp based on your requirement. i.e., neither in excess nor to less, it should be even and moderate.
  • Use oil regularly like morning and evening without fail. It will nourish and provide a smooth texture to your hair.
  • Take 1 – 2 drops oil on your finger tip and apply on the scalp. Follow the same procedure of applying till the whole scalp is properly covered. By following this procedure you can avoid hair breakage.
  • After applying the oil on the whole scalp, massage gently with your finger tips for 30 seconds to 1 minute on a daily basis.

Conclusion: As the hair growth oil acts on weak and dead hair follicles, It gives a new life to your hair which builds up your self confidence in your social life.

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