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Methods Of Organic Hair Growth Products For Thinning Hair

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Organic hair growth products are not something that you eat, but it is the one which works out effectively from external. It is made up of all the natural herbs and plants which has no chemicals and hence don’t have any side effects.

Though artificial hair products give you an instant growth and shine, but over the time it can cause damage to your hair. The chemicals present in the artificial products can cause irritation to the scalp. Gradually it leads to damage of hair follicles.

Effective Methods Of Using Organic Hair Growth Products

It is a three step process to make your hair beautiful by bringing down hair thinning and breakage. They are as follows:

  • An Organic Serum: The first step is to apply organic serum. A serum is a combination of natural oils basically made for strengthening scalp and hair follicles. It is a non stick formulation that can be applied either before going to bed or after shower. An organic serum scalp massage can give a healthy and strong hair.
  • An Organic Shampoo: The organic shampoo is a natural formation that reduces hair breakage and strengthens them from the root. There are different organic shampoos available depending on the type of hair like dull and dry hair, long hair, silky hair and others. The also help in enhancing nourishment to your hair.

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  • An Organic Conditioner: After every hair wash apply an organic conditioner. This will give nourishment and continue the moisture and hydrate your hair till the next wash.

Ingredients Used In Organic Hair Growth Products

The organic products consist of all natural ingredients like flowers, fruits, plants and herb extract. They give your hair a natural shine and strengthen the follicles from the root, which in turn help to maintain a healthy scalp. As all the ingredients used in organic hair growth products are made up of natural extracts. They are chemical free which are as follows:

  • Apple Polyphenols Procyanidin: It is an anti Oxidant which is good for hair growth. This has an compound called procyanidin B2 which acts as a natural hair growing factor. This help in the telogen growth phase when hair is not growing actively.
  • Shikakai: It is a herbal powder made from the fruit pods of the acacia concinna tree. It is a shrub which grows in the hot arid plains of southern India. The shikakai powder works as a conditioner and helps to nourish the scalp glands.
  • Rooibos: It is derived from the redbush plant, a hardy shrub grown in north western regions of South Africa. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property which helps in faster hair growth.
  • Bhringraja (Eclipta Alba: A Chinese flower also known as false dairy which grows in tropics. The mixture of eclipta and mineral oil helps in keeping your hair dark, lustrous and also helps in hair growth.

Conclusion: The organic hair growth products not only help your hair look beautiful, but also keep them healthy for a long term.

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