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Natural Hair Growth Protein, Vitamin And Oil

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Natural hair growth remedies depend on healthy scalp to make sure that the hair follicles are nourished well which helps the growth of the hair. Some of the best remedy for hair growth can be done at home naturally, which should be included as a part of your healthy diet. They are as follows:

Protein for Natural Hair Growth

Proteins are composed of essential amino acids which are a basic requirement for growing new hair follicles. As a matter of fact a hair is made up of protein. Certainly to maintain healthy hair follicles, a supply of proper amount of proteins is to be taken on a daily basis.

Protein is a natural source of vitamin that can be consumed through food we intake in our day to day life. The Best source of protein for hair growth is dairy products, lean meat, fish, soy, nuts and grains. By consuming any one of the natural source in a day, you can boost up protein level in your body and this will help in maintaining strong hair follicles.

The natural source of proteins works effectively on hair growth than any other products. As well as intake of natural source will not have any side effects.

Vitamins for Natural Hair Growth

Vitamins are an organic compound with multiple biochemical functions which are needed for a basic maintenance of hair growth. It is a natural source which provides strength to the hair follicles.

Vitamin serves as an insulating coat to your hair. It protects the skin by absorbing the harmful radiations like sun rays and dust. It is an essential component which needs to be taken in your daily diet. Consumption of proper proportion of Vitamins helps in stimulating your hair follicles and makes them stronger which reduces the amount of breakage.

The diet rich in Vitamin C and vitamin E helps in repairing the damaged hair and also produces new follicles. Richest and natural source of vitamin C & E are orange, berry, kiwi, green vegetables, nuts, whole gram and many others

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Oils and Herbs for Natural Hair Growth

Several oils and herbs have been used as a natural remedy. The oil helps in circulation of blood in the scalp and penetrates in the hair shaft, repairs hair damages, corrects and nourishes scalp condition which are the basic reasons for hair loss.

Choosing a right oil sometimes works out to be an experiment. Select the oil based on your hair requirement like light oil is used for thin hair, at the same time naturally curly and thick hair can have heavier oil.

There are different types of natural hair oil which are as follows:

  • Light Oil: Apricot, peach kernel, grape seeds, sesame seeds and many others.
  • Medium Oil: Sweet almond, jojoba seeds, virgin coconut, rosehip and many more.
  • Heavy Oil: Olive, palm, canola, avocado, castor seeds and others.

Conclusion: It is always better to use sources which provide natural hair growth. They do not contain any chemicals and therefore has no side effects.

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