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Achieving Fast Hair Growth The Right Way

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


In today’s frenetic lifestyle, something most of us seem to be losing other than our peace of mind, is our hair. For most people it’s a case of “hair today, gone tomorrow”. Whether it’s due to hair loss or poor hair growth, the end result seems to be the same. We are embarrassed and long for a rich and voluminous mane. And so, the hunt begins for solutions for fast hair growth.

Reasons for reduced hair growth and hair loss

Fast hair growth may be hampered due to several factors. The primary reason for poor hair growth is genetic. Having said that, with the fast paced, complex lifestyles we lead, stress, poor diet, unhealthy living, sustained exposure to the sun, overuse or misuse of hair care products and unsuitable hairstyles have a profound effect on our tresses. While in some it can lead to hair loss, in most people it reduces the rate of hair growth and leaves the hair looking dull and unhealthy.

Tips to achieve fast hair growth

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There is no magic formula or instantaneous solution for fast hair growth. The remedies suggested primarily revolve around proper hair care and healthy living.

  • Use the right kind of hair care products - Keep your hair clean at all times with regular shampooing and conditioning. However, take care not to overdo the hair wash bit. Shampoos contain chemicals which, if overused, can cause hair damage. Perming, highlighting and using hair color frequently can also cause irreparable damage.
  • Use hairstyles which do not put undue stress on your hair - Tight buns and pony tails are not suitable in the long run. Avoid exposing your hair to the high temperatures of a hair straightening iron, curling irons and even a blow dryer.
  • Keep stress at bay - The minute stress causing factors are removed from your life; you will find a change in your hair growth and lustre. Regular exercise, yoga or meditation will keep you in fighting fit condition, helping you tackle your stress levels effectively. A head and scalp massage once in a while is also a good option. While it relaxes the mind and body, it also increases blood circulation to the hair follicles aiding in fast hair growth.
  • Nutritious diet - A healthy diet can give you healthy hair and increase your hair growth. A regular intake of Vitamins A, B, C and E will improve the quality of your hair and stimulate hair growth.
  • Trim away those split ends - Split ends are a sign of unhealthy hair and regular trims are recommended to keep your hair in good condition.
  • Home remedies and natural care – A popular option with many women, particularly those in menopause, is herbal treatments and home care. A distinct lack of side effects makes these natural solutions a good choice to promote hair growth.
  • Medication – For alopecia, drugs like minoxidil and finasteride are popularly used as treatment to accelerate hair growth.

And finally, fast hair growth is possible if you treat your crowning glory gently and nurture it with oodles of love and lots of patience. Be realistic in your expectations about hair growth and you will not be disappointed.

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