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The Most Sought After Solution – Fast Hair Growth

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


I always come across many people looking for beautiful, but manageable hair. Manageable of course refers to hair that does not shed and grows at a good enough pace. Not one, but millions of people irrespective of geography and now even age complain of slow growth of hair or any other related ailment. Fast hair growth facts are often very different from fiction and beliefs. The clinical term used for hair loss is ‘alopecia’.

Exposure to sun, chemicals and stress are some of the commonly known reasons for hair fall.

Common myths about hair growth

Exactly like there are means by which people can achieve fast hair growth, there are also things that actually prevent such growth. Many people resort to medicines that claim to fasten the process of hair growth. Even though it is true that these medicines can stop hair loss and re-cover the bald patches if any, these often have some or the other side effect.

Another popular belief is that shaving hair makes it grow faster and the quality of hair improves. This is a myth. This only causes extra hair to shed and will under no circumstance cause faster hair growth. Steroids and testosterone influx into the body may cause hair growth on any other part of body but not on head. These should be avoided if you are seeking faster hair growth.

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Tips for fast hair growth

It is a commonly known fact that at any point in time, roughly around 90% of hair should be in a growing phase and the rest can be in a stable mode. The normal per month measure of hair growth is about 0.5 inches and it is naturally not much that can be done to increase this rate. All that should be done is to avoid actions that slow down this rate.

Many people have a tendency to blow dry hair even when it’s wet and dripping, under the pretext of being too busy with their everyday schedule. This often damages hair and makes people put in double the time in looking for manageable hair solutions. Use of curling irons and rollers should be avoided. Hair styles should not be too tight or too loose.

Use of dyes, chemicals, with care and roughly and trimming hair with unhygienic or spoilt scissors play negatively for your hair. Permed hair often looks very attractive, but is equally bad for the health of hair, and spoils hair beyond repair. Peroxide and chlorine are chemicals which always should be kept away from hair.

Colouring hair has become a trend, but it acts negatively for the quality of hair. If you think colouring hair is unavoidable for you, you must use shampoos and conditions which are explicitly meant for coloured hair. Many people also believe that washing and conditioning hair too often is good, but it actually washes away the oil that the hair secrets and to prevent hair from damage.

Sun exposure should be avoided to the extent possible. Eating and drinking habits should be healthy and smoking should be completely avoided, not only to have healthy hair but also cause fast hair growth.

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