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Basic And Simple Things To Achieve Fast Hair Growth

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All of us desire for fast hair growth and to have a beautiful hair style. Unfortunately, not all of us have healthy hair. Many people face one or the other hair related problems like unwanted hair loss, itching scalp, dandruff, psoriases and premature greying.

Right knowledge and clear understanding of information can help us get fast and healthy hair growth. Once we become aware of the reasons behind our unmanageable hair problems, there are thousands of natural remedies and scientifically proven methods that can help us overcome them. There also are many time tested remedies that can help us improve the health and lustre of our hair.

An Insight of Hair Growth:

The structure of our hair can be classified in two parts. They are the living part which remains buried in the scalp, and the non living part which is seen growing on our head.

Human hair undergoes three stages during its entire life cycle. The first one is the anagen stage in which the hair continues to grow. The second one is the catagen stage, where hair stops growing because it stops taking the required nutrition. The final stage is the telogue, where our hair finally dies and falls.

The fast hair growth takes place during the anagen stage, where 88% of hair volume growth can be seen. Anything less than this figure is lack of hair growth, and it results in under-voluminous hair or thinning.

The first factor that prevents fast hair growth is excessive presence of DHT, a male hormone that causes choking of hair follicles. The second one is insufficient blood circulation in scalp. Blood circulation at follicles helps in feeding our hair. The last and the most important thing is plugging and clogging of follicles at the scalp surface.

Simple and Proven Remedies for Fast Hair Growth:

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All of the above mentioned disorders are mainly because of deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. As we can see, most of the hair loss causes are mainly hormonal, genetic and physical. Genetic disorders restrict fast hair growth by affecting the living part of our hair, whereas physical disorders affect both living and non living part of hair.

Vitamin A, B, C, E and F are very imperative for fast hair growth. Some other minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, and Selenium also help in overcoming all those disorders, and help hair growth stimulation. Slower or faster hair growth depends mainly on intake of these supplements.

Fruits and fresh vegetables are rich source of all essential supplements required for human health. Having lot of fruits and fresh vegetables is the natural and most recommended way of intake. These days, all these supplements are available in stores in the form of pills for easy and direct intake.

A daily routine coupled with sufficient intake of nutritious food can effectively challenge hormonal imbalance. Improved blood circulation and perfect hormonal balance helps in fast hair growth.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Fast Hair growth:

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water regularly
  • Make a habit of regular physical exercises
  • Avoid junk food
  • Oil your hair and scalp regularly
  • Minimize use of chemical based shampoos
  • Adopt stress management techniques
  • Ensure proper intake of nutritious food
  • Don’t over-comb hair
  • Massage scalp regularly
  • Always trim split hair ends
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