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Biotin For Hair Growth A Necessary Nourishment For Rich Hair

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Biotin is a vitamin that is very essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. Biotin for hair growth is very vital because it prevents the scalp from getting dried and in this way the roots of the hair are made strong. It gives shine, elasticity and makes the hair thick.

Biotin belongs to the B-complex family and also falls in the vitamin B7 and vitamin H category. Biotin was discovered in 1935, which is made of vitamins soluble in water. Biotin for hair growth is got from foods like almonds, tomatoes, milk, cucumber, apples, walnuts, oats, raspberries, whole grains, liver, soy, yeast and eggs.

What is the role of Biotin?

This compound plays a very significant part in the chemical activities of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are very necessary for bulky hair and its rich growth. Issues that can crop up due to the deficiency of biotin are exhibited such as dermatitis, hair loss, enteritis, nervous disorders and several others.

Factors causing biotin deficiency

Hair loss can be caused due to many factors and several are still unknown. Biotin deficiency can be due to hereditary factors or can be subjected due to daily diet and lifestyle. This can be controlled but at times hair loss can be an indication of something wrong going in the body like deficiency of proper nutrients and biotin.

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More serious cause for hair loss is unnecessary strain and depression that brings about the fluctuation of hormones in the body. Sometimes medications like antibiotics can also trigger this hair loss problem. Constipation or consuming eggs that contain glycoprotein that blocks the amalgamation of biotin activates hair fall.

The deficiency caused in the scalp

  • The buildup of sebum blocks the hair follicles in the scalp and adds to hair loss. The clogging of the pores would lead to undernourishment of the roots of hair.
  • There is lack of healthy blood circulation reaching the scalp that may have started hair loss.
  • Aging process also cause decrease in hair.
  • Chemical treatments used in hair styling products, hair treatments, pollution can cause dryness and increase the breaking of hair.

Vitamins are necessary for growth and strength. They are only considered necessary in small quantities. These are available in the foods we consume. Vitamin B7/H is a compound that is soluble in water and excess of B7 is thrown out of the body in the form of urine. Generally, adults are recommended to take 30 mcg of biotin daily.

How to increase your biotin deficiency?

Biotin is also found in shampoos and used for hair treatment. However, the biotin is not absorbed by the body. However, one can take biotin for hair growth orally as a supplement.

However, if you notice any hair losses for some days then takes precautions and consult your doctor. He will recommend the amount of biotin that will be needed by you to take daily and get strong and healthy hair follicles. Regular washing and massaging will also keep the scalp moisturized and blood circulation will also reach the hair root and nourish it.

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