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Hair Growth Products – Helping You Regain Your Confidence

In a hurry to fix your hair problem?
Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


Hair care products are a dime a dozen in the market today. Estimated to grow at a healthy CAGR of 10% over the next 2-3 years in India alone, this is a booming billion dollar industry.

Thinning, baldness, hair loss, hair breakage, poor hair growth is some of the “hairy” problems people face. While genetics and aging have a role in most hair problems, today’s frenetic lifestyle, poor eating habits, lack of proper sleep and rest and of course increasing levels of stress and anxiety is causing hair loss or poor hair growth in a large number of people.

The stress of losing hair causes more hair loss! Hair growth products today offer a wide range of solutions to people. There are natural, herbal, Ayurvedic and medicated hair growth products. These can either be taken orally or can be applied externally depending on the severity of the problem.

Analyzing the problem

Prior to taking any sort of remedy for hair loss, it is important to first analyze the causes. Aging can cause baldness or a receding hair line in men and a few women. The reason for this is the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which causes hair fall.

Genetically too, you can be pre-disposed to hair loss. In such cases, one needs to use suitable hair growth products which will help to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

Lifestyle factors, excessive exposure to sunlight, unhealthy eating habits can damage your follicles, cause dandruff and prevent the growth of healthy hair. A conscious effort to improve one’s lifestyle should be made in such cases.

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Hormonal factors can result in hair loss in women. Menopausal women may find themselves losing more hair than others. Temporary conditions like pregnancy, traumatic situations etc can also cause hair fall.

Kinds of hair growth products and choosing the right one

There are innumerable hair growth products available today with many more being introduced by the hour! The important thing to keep in mind is one’s hair type, hair problem and suitability to different hair products.

Natural, herbal and hair growth products from Ayurveda are suitable for people with hair loss issues due to age, genetics or hormonal issues. These are safe, have no long term side effects and can be used in tandem with other medicines one may be taking for a particular health condition. Nettle root extract, Bhringaraj, Shikakai extracts, Coconut oil, licorice extracts and aloe vera are some commonly recommended solutions for improving hair growth.

For people suffering from Alopecia, there are medicated drugs available to help in hair growth. The most common and effective among them are Rogaine and Minoxidil. These need to be taken only in consultation with your doctor and have to taken for a prolonged period of time before it can have any effect. As with all drugs, these also have side effects which will disappear once you stop the medication.

Products which contain biotin, niacin and vitamins A, B, C, D and E are ideal to maintain healthy hair and promote hair growth. These vitamins and minerals are normally present in the daily diet. However, by taking health supplements, one is assured of ingesting the required amount of these minerals and vitamins on a regular basis.

Finally, one product which is still in the development and testing stage is a hair growth serum developed from stem cells, which can be applied on the hair. It is said to help re-grow hair over an extended period of time. If it actually works, this could be the biggest blessing to those looking for a head full of beautiful hair.

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