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Ways Of Stimulating Fast Hair Growth

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Most people are interested in knowing the ways in which fast hair growth can take place. Most people want to acquire long, strong and healthy hair, which would make their hair look beautiful.

There are simple remedies which would help you to get long and beautiful tresses. These are being followed from one generation to another. The result that will be obtained by using these home remedies will amaze you. You will get beautiful long tresses in no time.

Natural home remedies

The following are some of the most know natural remedies which would help in fast hair growth. Choose the one that is easy for you.

Using Olive oil:

Apply Olive oil, thirty minutes before bath. Rinse it well with tepid water.

Using Honey and Aloe Vera:

Make a mixture of Honey and Aloe Vera and apply it on your scalp. Let it stay for twenty minutes. Rinse it well.

Using Olive oil, Tomato and Aloe Vera:

Blend the tomatoes into a thin puree. Add a drop of Olive oil and Aloe Vera into this mixture. Apply this mixture on your scalp. This mixture should be warm when applied. Leave this on your scalp for thirty minutes and then rinse well.

Using Onion into shampoo:

Take a red Onion and chop it into thin slices, and crush them. Pour the liquid into your shampoo. Let your shampoo stand for a whole day before using it. Use it like a normally.

Using Rosemary water:

Use Rosemary water to wash your hair, and see it growing fast.

Having an healthy breakfast

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Along with these natural home remedies, it is important that you have a healthy breakfast, and consume loads of water. Eating healthy helps in stimulating fast hair growth.

Take in fresh fruits and green leafy vegetable, not only helps in making your hair grow fast but also helps in making it strong. Cod liver oil and vitamin E should also be included in your daily diet.

The following recipe is a useful one, if included in daily breakfast, it will help your hair to grow and with strength.

A spoon of each of the following; Soya lecithin, wheat germ, honey, brewed yeast and yogurt. Mix them together and eat them daily. In a short period of a week, you will see your hair growing steady and fast.

Nourishment of hair

It is always important to manage your hair and keep it well nourished. You can keep your hair nourished by oiling them with warm coconut or olive oil, and leave it on the scalp for thirty minutes, before thoroughly rinsing it.

Hair can also be nourished, by applying egg along with a spoon of honey and olive oil. Leave this paste on your hair for thirty minute, and rinse it well.

This process of nourishing should be followed at least twice a week, for fast hair growth.

Trimming of hair

Most people do not trim their hair regularly. It is important to trim your hair ever month, as it makes your hair grow faster. The reason for the hair growth after trimming is that the damaged hair and the split ends are trimmed and smothered.

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