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Safe And Natural Hair Fall Remedies And Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

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Hair fall is very common issue in people of today’s generation as there is no proper diet and loads of pollution in the environment. Apart from these there are few more reasons such as harmful chemicals in products such as oil, shampoo, gel and others, hormonal changes, change in climatic condition and many others.

Hair Fall Remedies and Tips

  • Massage your hair using oil at least thrice a week. A Regular application of oil helps in keeping your follicles stronger.
  • Do not comb your hair when they are wet that is right after your bath. Wet hairs are week and when combed it leads to hair fall.
  • Avoid using hair drier to dry your hairs. Using hair driers not only dries your hair but also spoils the follicle from the roots that in turn results in hair fall.
  • Use mild water for bath. Too hot or cold water can damage your scalp and follicles.
  • Trim your hair once in a month to avoid split ends. Split hair is a major cause for slow hair growth.
  • Cover your hairs while travelling. This can protect your hairs from dust particles and harmful pollution.

Natural and Homemade Hair Fall Remedies

  • Use natural oils that are chemical free such as aloe vera juice, almond oil, coconut oil and others to massage your scalp. The oil helps in stimulating your follicles and hence prevents breakage.

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  • Make a mixture of egg yolk and honey. Gently massage your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. This gives a shiny look and also makes the roots strong.
  • Soak some gooseberries in a cup of milk for two hours and make a paste. Apply this paste on your scalp and wash it with luke warm water. This helps in stimulating your hair follicles and is the best remedy for growth.
  • Boil black gram and black bean until it becomes soft. Then grind it into a fine paste and apply on the scalp. Wash it after half an hour and repeat the same twice in a week. This helps in stopping the breakage and also is a good source for new hair follicle.
  • Use sikhakai or amla powder was washing your hair instead of shampoo that is full of chemicals. These powders not only keep your hair healthy but also give a silky shine.

Hair Fall Remedies In Terms Of Diet

Balance your diet by intake of essential fatty acids like vitamin B, vitamin C, sulphur, zinc and others. These acids help in strengthening your hair follicles from the root that in turn keeps your hair healthier. Foods that are good for controlling hair fall are whole grains, nuts, soy bean, sprouts, milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre, sesame seeds, aloe vera and many others.

Conclusion: Usage of natural products acts as a best hair fall remedies as they do not contain any chemicals and therefore have no side effects.

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