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Hair Growth Supplement - A Must For Beautiful Hair

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Are you tired of your dull hair in spite of taking proper care? Do you feel caring for your hair is not enough? Then, the answer for the above question is using “hair growth supplement”. Supplements for hair growth contain the correct amount of vitamins required for the growth of healthy hair. As our diet may lack in these vitamins, replacing them with supplements is the best option. We can either include them in our daily diet or get it from the shop with the help of a dietician. A dietician is the right person who can guide for the correct amount of vitamins to be taken.

Following are some of the vitamins regarded as a perfect hair growth supplement:

Vitamin A:

It is one of the most important vitamins for healthy hair. It helps in activating the sebaceous glands present on the scalp which creates sebum or oil. If your sebum acts properly, it moisturizes your hair helping it to grow stronger and healthier. It is strongly recommended not to take Vitamin A excessively, as it may damage your hair. Consulting a registered dietician is advised to avoid any side effects.

Vitamin B:

B vitamin as well as vitamin B3, B12, B5 and B6 is excellent for a healthy and lustrous hair. It strengthens follicles of hair and protects them against any damage. You can include chicken, turkey or yeast in your daily diet which is regarded as the best source of vitamin B. Try to use shampoos as well conditioners containing this vitamin.

Vitamin C:

People suffering from hair loss can include vitamin C in the diet. As hormonal imbalances are the main cause of hair loss, this vitamin corrects it and stimulates healthy growth of hair.

Vitamin E:

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This vitamin is considered as the most excellent vitamins for the growth of healthy and strong hair. It improves scalp blood circulation resulting in faster hair growth.

Vitamin H/Biotin:

Biotin is also considered as the best hair growth supplement in the list of vitamins. It helps in preventing hair loss and reduces premature grey hair.


As our hair needs proteins in large quantity, it is the most important element for hair. But, almost all of us lack protein rich diet which is easily available in milk and its products. Therefore, consuming these diets can repair protein deficiency and correct hair loss making them look healthy.


It strengthens the follicles of hair and increases healthy hair growth. Zinc supplements are easily available in the market and should be consumed with the help of a renowned dietician.


Iron is very essential for hair and blood. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, including iron rich diet can help in preventing hair loss and anemia. Iron content in hair growth supplement is recommended for better result.

Therefore, with the help of a registered dietician you can take the hair growth supplement, as he is the right person to provide the details of various vitamins required for your body and hair. So, taking these supplements will definitely help in reducing hair loss, making your scalp healthier and faster growth of hair making them strong and shiny.

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