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Home Remedies For Hair Growth

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Retaining one’s hair is very essential to look good and boost overall personality. However, this might not be achievable if the pattern of hair growth itself is defective, use of multiple hair care products may not help you unless the problem of hair growth is cured naturally.

On an average hair grows at the rate of about 0.5 mm each day. This growth depends on diet, genetic factors, age and lifestyle of the person. Although it might be impossible to have lengthy hair overnight, home remedies come handy and helps your hair grow more rapidly.

Since the hair grows from your scalp, it is necessary that you pay a lot of attention to maintain your scalp. Make sure that the pores are not clogged by dust or dirt.

Shampoos that we get these days in the market are loaded with chemicals, which have a bad impact on the health of the hair. Therefore it is recommended to switch over to herbal shampoos and lotions.

Before spending on pricey upscale hair products that are sold by salons, consider some of the useful home remedies for hair growth.

The therapy with warm oil works great for good hair growth. It is very important to oil and massage the scalp and hair regularly with warm oil.

This technique not only helps in maintaining the natural moisture and health of the hair, but also adds a good shine. Problems such as dullness, dandruff and dryness can be treated by this method.

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Massage a generous quantity of onion juice once a week on to your hair and leave it for about two to four hours, which promotes hair growth.

Alternatively, one can mix together one and half cup of rosemary with a cup of water and then blend the solution with your shampoo. This can be used to clean your hair in the same way as shampoo; rosemary is noted to improve the texture of hair by opening the blocked pores in the scalp.

The results of a research has shown that the combined natural nutrients in the essential oils and shampoo containing rosemary and tea tree, when used on the areas of hair loss has stimulated hair growth.

Aloe Vera is a plant that is very effective in promoting healthy hair growth. The gel-like substance that is found inside the leaf can be used to massage the scalp. This is left for 10 minutes on the scalp or even overnight before washing it off.

Apple vinegar is known to improve the condition of hair and also adds a sparkling glow to your hair. One teaspoon of apple vinegar is mixed with one liter of cold water, which is used to rinse hair.

Black Beans, Fenugreek, Lemon juice and Coconut is a powerful pack of items that not only reduces hair shedding and breaking but also strengthens the hair follicle.

These natural home remedies have been found to be effectual in improving the condition of one’s hair and scalp. The best part of these remedies is that it is inexpensive and easily available. Regular use of them on your hair and scalp are beneficial and promotes hair growth.

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