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Simple Steps For Fast Hair Growth

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Hair is not only regarded as the crowning glory of women, but also enhances personality of men. A healthy hair is everybody’s dream, but it is due to change in our lifestyle and pollution, our hair lacks proper care as well as nourishment.

Many products introduced in the market claiming fast hair growth are in high demand. People use them to get instant result, but proper care has to be taken while applying such products, as it has numerous side effects. Therefore, simple steps taken at home can be used for growing your hair faster and safer.

Using Different Types of Oils

Olive Oil

To grow your hair naturally, olive oil is the best choice. It is more effective when the olive oil is extra virgin. Massaging the scalp for five minutes with olive oil will stimulate the blood circulation and help in fast hair growth, as it has antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids, which is quickly absorbed by your scalp. The rich nutrients present in the olive oil helps to grow the hair faster, thicker and make them shinier.

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Avocado Oil

Avocado oil also has more absorption power when compared to olive oil and has a sweet aroma. This oil has amino acids as well as antioxidants that are more beneficial in fast hair growth. It repairs hair damages, moisturizes them and gives them a strong and healthy look. It also has sunscreen protection.

Proper Hair Care

Massage your scalp well with oil and clean your scalp weekly with water and apple cider vinegar, which helps in cleaning and it also removes dead skin and scalp residues. Moisture your hair after every shampoo wash, as it removes hair entangles and prevents breakages and helps in their healthy growth.

Use homemade hair packs for healthy hair such as honey and egg yolk pack. Washing your hair daily with rosemary water has proved to be beneficial in growing your hair more rapidly. Avoid using lukewarm or hot water while washing your hair, as cold water gives better shine and healthy look.

Trim your hair for any split ends in every 8 weeks, as it promotes healthy hair growth. Stress and sleep disorders increases hair loss, and therefore, it is recommended that you get enough sleep and do simple breathing exercises like meditations to avoid stress. If you are buying any product from the market, choose them according to your hair type and opt for herbal products for your hair. Avoid using hot rods or curlers, hair dryers to dry your hair.


Apart from external hair care, intake of proteins and Vitamin B rich food help in fast hair growth. Your diet, heredity, body fitness, age and condition of your hair decide their health. Therefore, it would be best to include different types of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains in your daily diet, which can help you in growing your hair faster and healthier.

Milk and its products help in stimulating the follicles of hair and strengthen them. Dairy products also contain Vitamin B, B2, B6, B7, B12 and calcium, which is promotes healthy, long and also softness of your hair.

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