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Hair Growth Treatments To Add Up To Your Style

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


Hair growth treatments can be natural or chemical. They may be different as per the ages and can also vary with the type of hair you have. You need not worry if you have early hair loss, you may figure out the best ways with time and practice.

Tips to hair growth

One of the best tips to hair growth is cut them short. You may wonder about the hairstyle in this case but it is not a problem since you can make many attractive hairstyles with short hairs also. Short hair style which is close to the scalp will give you a well groomed look. An added advantage is the low maintenance.

On the other hand, vitamin C can also help in hair loss and can prove to be one of the best hair growth treatments. If you intake sufficient amount of vitamin C, the adequate blood flow to the capillaries will reach the hair follicles on the scalp which will help hair grow faster.

Never comb your wet hair. This will help you save hair and will not lead to hair loss. You could instead gently dry them using a towel. Then simply leave them for sometime to dry before you style them. In case, you brush your hair when it is wet, the damage could be more than normal since hair is vulnerable when wet.

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About the wigs

In case, you are thinking about opting for wigs, it is not a good option since you will loose even your existing natural hair faster. Wigs damage your hair scalp and your hair follicles. To stop hair loss, you may stay away from wigs, helmets and hats. You could rather opt for massage and natural hair growth treatments. Massaging your hair with appropriate oil in both your scalp and hair will help you in the best way. You can do this each night before going to bed. This will give you the best results.

Do’s and don’t for hair growth treatments

You can get better hair growth if you stay away from toxins and pollutants, this will maintain your beautiful hair. Harmful substances that are present in your body also affect your hair growth, so they must be controlled. These substances may lead to thinning of hair and increased hair loss. Besides if you are using a personal hair dryer, set it low and make sure you stay away from traffic fumes. Natural methods of hair growth prove to be the best alternatives.

Some natural methods of hair growth

An olive oil paste with powdered cinnamon and honey will make your scalp stronger and will contribute to hair growth if rubbed properly in roots of hair before adding shampoo. Then, follow up with shampoo and conditioner after several minutes. One of the best hair growth treatments is make your diet nutritious.

You may opt for a diet with vitamins A and E that support hair growth. Walnuts and fish will re-strengthen your hair. Another option is olive oil with rosemary which will add shine and vigor to your hair. Rosemary contains certain antioxidants which have positive effects on your hair and scalp.

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