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Home Remedies For Hair Growth - Safe Reliable Options

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Did you know that there are several factors which actually affect your hair growth and its texture? Diet is one of the major reasons which influence your hair growth. Other agents for hair increase are heredity, sleep, level of stress that you undergo and consumption of water etc. Are you aware that human hair has a growth rate of twelve to thirteen centimeters per annum?

Are you seeking some home remedies for hair growth no doubt you are at the right place.

In a lot of instances, and particularly for those of you who like to stay away from manmade nutritional adds on or those of you who lose their hairs due to excess-styling or damage to hairs, home remedies for hair growth may be preferred.

Some of the home remedies for hair growth are as under:


Remember that oiling your hair regularly is an excellent way to grow long hairs. All you need to do is to warm coconut oil and with the help of your fingertips apply the oil on your cutis systematically and massage mildly. Allow the oil to work on your hair overnight and wash off in the morning. To the oil you can in addition combine lime juice or even lime water so that it promotes hair growth. Likewise you can attempt to apply the extract of coriander leaves onto your head on a habitual basis.

Vitamin E

A fat-soluble vitamin is this vitamin E, and hence it is held in the body. This vitamin is very important for blood circulation as well as for stimulating your hair growth.

ACV or cider vinegar

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Hair rinsing with cider vinegar has long been known to act as home remedies for hair growth. The vinegar in the ACV induces and cleans the cutis and hence enhances excellent health of your scalp, thus your hair tends to grow.

Lemon juice

Use lemon juice to grow your hair. For this you need to whisk egg or curd along with mustard oil. Now apply the mixture thus crated on to your head and allow for it to remain for approximately 30 minutes and then rinse your hair well in cold water.

Coconut milk

Massage your hair with coconut milk. Allow it to remain for twenty minutes and after that wash your hair. With the help of your finger tips massage your hair gently. Bear in mind that this is single most beneficial home remedies for hair growth.

Combination of castor oil, olive oil and Coconut oil

You can mix castor oil, olive oil and Coconut oil and apply on to your hair as this will fuel your hair follicles. Massage this combination correctly and you will find that your hair is growing in front of your eyes.

Rosemary leaves

Soak the leaves of rosemary in water to get its extracts. Use this solution to wash your hairs. This will help in reducing your hair fall and in addition it opens the choked up pores of your scalp.

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