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A Dietary Supplement - Biotin For Hair Growth

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The other name for Biotin is vitamin H. It is a B-complex vitamin which is water soluble. Biotin not only promotes the cell growth but also produces essential fatty acids in our body which are helpful for the growth of your hair.

Biotin for hair growth is naturally produced in your body by the bacteria present in your intestines but as it is water soluble; your body can’t store Biotin every day. You could use Biotin as it maintains a steady sugar level in your blood and strengthens your hair as well as nails too.

Food which is rich in Biotin for hair growth:

Now-a-days Biotin is included in most of the cosmetics related to hair and skin as it is helpful in maintaining a healthy skin and hair. Biotin exists in the form of biocytin (protein bound) in the food.

You could have the food which is rich in Biotin like Egg yolk, Swiss chard, Liver, Green Leafy vegetables, Berries, Peanuts, Carrots, Milk, Halibut, cucumbers, Cauliflower, onions, Mushrooms, soybeans and Bananas. Corns are rich in Biotin and most of the grains consist of 20 to 40% of Biotin.

Dosage of supplement Biotin for hair growth:

Dosage per day according to age:

  • 8mcg for infants between 1 - 3 years
  • 12mcg for infants between 4 - 8 years
  • 20mcg for infants between 9 - 13 years
  • 25mcg for infants between 14 - 18 years
  • 30mcg for Adults

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Causes for the deficiency of Biotin:

Drinking alcohol decreases the level of Biotin in your body. The Biotin level is found low in the Burn patients, athletes, pregnant ladies and elderly individuals. Intake of egg whites (raw) more than two daily leads to Biotin deficiency and this is due to “Avidin” present in egg white.


The symptoms include Dermatitis, Hair loss, Hair thinning, graying of hair, Conjunctivitis, Depression, Hallucination and Lethargy, Flaky skin, Dry skin, Mouth rash, Reduced immunity, Muscle wastage. The 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid level increases in the pregnant woman which results in reduction of Biotin level in the body.

The herbal supplements include Saw palmetto for men and Horsetail silica for women. You could use the supplement Biotin for hair growth as it will promote the re growth of your hair. It helps in maintaining long and shiny hair. You could drink a lot of water during supplementation as it will be helpful in avoiding cystic acne.

Besides this use the shampoos which consists of Biotin. It is also helpful in maintaining bone marrow, nervous system and muscle tissue. Biotin supplements are considered as non toxic as they won’t cause any side effects due to over consumption.

Besides using this supplement you have to do regular exercises, Meditation and Yoga as they will be helpful in making this supplements work well.


  • Do not comb your hair when it is wet.
  • Always have a plenty of sleep, like 6 to 8 hours a day.
  • Apply oil and have a head bath as it works like a natural conditioner for your hair.
  • Do not use hair driers as they will damage your hair.
  • Wear scarf before going out.
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