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Common Hair Loss And Hair Growth Myths

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Hair loss is one of the common fears, which people face after certain age. There are several myths associated with hair loss and hair growth, but it is not the fact. Given here are some of the common myths that are believed by many people all over.

Hair Cut make them grow faster

Growing hair is not an easy task. It is necessary to have a regular hair cut as it enhances the hair growth at a faster phase. This is however true because hair gets thick when you remove the damaged or dry cells from your hair. This is the reason why shorter hair looks thicker.

Towel-drying your head cause hair loss:

This is not true, because some hair fall every day no matter whatever you do. If your hair does not grow back then it can caused due genetic predisposition and has to do nothing with the towel.

Stress may cause hair loss:

Stress is a main cause of hair loss and reduced hair growth. Once you learn to control the stress the hair growth will become normal.

Hair growth at different parts of head

Different part of your head experiences different hair growth. It has been proved that many people will have more or less hairs on some parts of head and this is actually a natural process. The difference between the lengths of hair on different parts of head is so small that you can’t notice this.

Washing hair with cold water causes baldness:

This is not true, in fact by washing your hair every morning with cold water may increase the blood circulation but it does nothing for hair loss.

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Blow drying causes hair loss:

This is completely untrue as there is no connection between hair dryers and balding. However using too hot setting can dry your existing hair and make them less healthy and brittle.

Scalp Sunburn:

However it happens very rarely that a person gets badly sunburn on his scalp. However if it happens, it may cause hair loss. This sunburn can damage the hair follicles which are very fragile and this in turn leads to hair loss. To prevent this it is better to apply sunscreen on hair scalp like you apply this on the other parts of your body.

Hair colour may cause hair loss:

This is not true and there is not any sufficient reason why a hair coloring product may cause hair loss. All of the company’s manufacturing these products is not allowed to use any harmful chemicals that can damage your hairs so that you can use these products without any fear of losing your hairs.

Hair brushing makes them strong:

Generally people think that regular brushing make the hair strong and healthy and allow them to grow faster, but this is completely wrong. Excessive hair brush could stress your hair, which can lead to their breakage. You need to use gentle tools to brush your hairs such as ball tipped or boar-bristle.

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