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Common Reasons For Hair Loss

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Everyone gets to a point in life wherein his or her hair starts falling and thinning. Basically, what we are talking about here is hair loss or baldness. For some, it is the old age and for others, some health issues leading to this problem in their twenties. Losing hair is quite normal, but when in access, it needs immediate attention. Generally, people have a million questions about hair loss. Here are a few common ones to clear your doubts.

Does brushing my hair cause hair fall?

You must have heard people talk about how brushing your hair helps it to become shiny and lustrous. However, the fact is that it does not. Brushing your hair causes breakage and split ends as well. In addition, there is a difference between combing your hair and brushing them. You will be able to protect your hair in a much better way by combing than brushing them often.

What role does stress play with hair loss?

As most people know, stress plays a big role when it comes to hair fall. It will not only slow down the hair growth, but also makes your hair thin, dull and lifeless. If stress is just a temporary thing then you have nothing to fear, as the hair problem will disappear once you come out of your stressful situation. However, this varies from one person to another. One might take longer than another person to recover. Just make sure that you take it easy no matter what the situation is. Stress not only weakens your hair, but also your overall health and well-being, mental and physical.

Is it natural for so much of hair to fall or break when I wash my hair?

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Most people start worrying when they see a lot of breakage and hair fall, when they are combing and washing it. There is nothing to worry about it. This is a natural process and everyone go through this phase. You are not going to go bald because you wash or shampoo your hair. Just make sure that you do not overdo it. Wash at regular intervals and not every day. When these hair strands fall out while you are washing or shampooing your hair, you are actually helping the old strands to fall and making space for new hair to replace them.

Hair loss at an early age is abnormal.

Hair loss occurs at different point of time in different people. Some people notice hair loss after they have crossed 65 or 70 and some see it happening in their late teen years or their twenties. This is completely normal. Hair loss is normal at most ages after you aren’t a teenager anymore.

Excess of Vitamin A

Intake of too much Vitamin A containing medications or supplements can trigger hair loss. 5,000 IU per day is the recommended dosage for adults and children over the age of four. However, supplements can contain this vitamin in the range of 2,500 – 10, 000 IU. Nevertheless, this is a reversible reason and once the intake of excess vitamin A is stopped, hair grows normally.

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