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Tips And Home Remedies On How You Can Help Your Hair Grow Better

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Top Hair Growth Products
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Every year there are more and more products that come out in the market, targeting the hair conscious lot. Every now and then, we see hoarding of new companies being launched offering a variety of services and products to make your hair look better and keep them healthy without losing. Using these products can be a little expensive and continuous use could result in damage to your lovely locks. If you are one of those, who are conscious and want to protect your hair, then follow these home and herbal remedies:

Simple homemade oil recipes/remedies for hair loss

  • Hot oil treatments for your hair, once or twice in a month will help the hair become soft, more manageable and strong.
  • Using coconut oil once in a week on your scalp and hair makes it stronger and conditions the hair as well. Apply it on your hair and scalp and let it condition a little, say for about a few hours or overnight and then and wash it away in the morning.
  • Use coconut milk to apply onto hair and then let it condition for 30 minutes. This helps the hair grow and decreases hair fall.
  • Take a few hibiscus flowers and let it soak in coconut oil for a little while and then use it as a conditioner. Do this for two times a week or more.
  • Indian recipe mix gooseberry, shikakai and reetha with eggs until it turns into a paste and apply it as a conditioner on your hair and scalp. Use a light shampoo and wash. Do this for around two times a week or more, for as many months as you want to, if you want to see proper results.

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Herbs that you can ingest/eat to help against the hair loss

  • Stinging nettle these are exactly as what they sound. They are a very thorny leaf plant that most people eat, either directly or by making a stew of it. It is a traditional cure for hair loss.
  • Ginseng this is not a very hard thing to find, you will get these at your food store or Chinese grocery stores. It helps with the blood flow and hair growth.
  • Gotu kola you can get this at any health food store. You will find these unprocessed and in its herb form.
  • Saw palmetto this is one of the main ingredients used in most hair loss treatments and has been known to be very effective against it.
  • Fo-ti this is an herb, which you will be able to find at many herbal stores. This is usually used as an additive with tea and can be had separately as well. It reduces hair loss and increases hair growth.

There are several other things you can do to help with the hair growth other than these herbs and home remedies, like taking in vitamin tablets and vitamin rich fruits like mangoes, orange, squash, etc. you can even alter your diet with better vitamin rich foods to help with your hair problems.

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