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How To Grow Long And Lustrous Hair – Simple And Easy Tips

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Hair is one of the most important parts for a woman’s beauty. It makes the woman look beautiful and feminine. Every woman wants a long hair. It is possible to achieve this with care and attention. The extended part of the hair away from the root is dead cells, therefore it needs uttermost care to maintain it, and otherwise you may develop split ends. Hair cannot grow longer if you have split ends.

An average person’s hair grows approximately half an inch each month. To maximize the growth you must take certain necessary steps –

Washing –

You must wash your hair every day. However, if you are living in polluted area you should wash it every day with a mild herbal shampoo. There are daily care shampoos available in the market. Do not pull your hair at the time of washing. Rub it gently, rinse and wash. It is recommended that you wash your hair two times.

Conditioning –

Conditioner is necessary after shampooing of hair. It makes the hair soft and smooth, thereby adding shine to it. Immediately apply conditioner after shampooing, leave it for 3mins and wash it off. You should be careful when you are applying conditioner, do not apply it near the hair roots.

Hair serum –

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It acts like a protective shield from the harmful Ultraviolet Rays. Towel-dry your hair, take few drops of hair serum and apply it towards the length of the hair. When your hair will dry, you can feel the difference. It will be shining and soft.

Drying –

It is very important how you dry your hair. When you are staying at home, try to dry it naturally. However, if you are going out right after washing, do not go out with wet hair. Moisture will attract dirt and dust to your hair. Use a professional hair dryer. Always go for professional hair dryer, as it contains free released ions than the usual ones. This dryer will not dry out your hair like hay. Use the dryer and maintain a distance of 5 centimeters. Blow dry and then step out.

Combing and brushing –

Brush and comb should be selected according to hair type. People make mistake in selection. Go for round brush, if you have dry and curly hair. Go for straight round teeth brush, if you have normal straight hair. It is recommended not to use straight teeth comb, as it delays hair growth. Use the brush after your hair dries out. Applying over wet hair will cause damage. Detangle it with care.

Combing increases the blood circulation of the scalp and distributes the natural hair oil. Therefore, you should comb at least thrice a day

Oiling –

It is the oldest tradition of taking care of your hair. Some people have oily scalp. Do not apply oil frequently for this type of scalp, as it may increase the oil production. Commonly, to remain on the safer side, take a hot oil massage of 2 hours just before shampooing. After two hours, wash it off.

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