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Natural Home Remedies That Can Help You Fight Hair Loss

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Ageing is a natural process and there are lots of medical problem associated with it. One of them is the hair problem. You must know how to fight against this issue and restore your youth. Millions of people visit doctors for help. However, you can try these simple remedies and make your hair strong, no matter whatever your age might be.

Almond oil –

Almond oil is rich in vitamin and essential nutrients. You can massage your hair with almond hair at least twice a week.

Hibiscus –

Hibiscus is a natural smoothening agent. You can put few hibiscus petals on your hair oil and use it. However, limit the usage for two weeks.

Coconut oil with avocado –

It is a very useful mixture. Coconut oil improves circulation and reduces dandruffs and flaking. Avocado helps in softening your hair.

Hair mask –

You can use a hair mask of egg and yoghurt. It works miraculously on your hair. The egg yolk is rich in biotin and helps in improving the texture and strength of the hair. It also improves the roots of the hair.

Vitamin A –

It is a very important vitamin needed by the human body. You can consume it 10,000 IU everyday to maintain the quality of hair and skin.

Folic acid and iron –

It is recommended that you must consult your physician before taking iron and folic acid supplements. Too much intake can cause problem in bowel movements and you can suffer from constipation. However, you can get iron from beet root, green leafy vegetables and fish.

Biotin –

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It is the most important vitamin that promotes healthy hair. Most of the dermatologist recommends its usage. You can take two pills in a day. However, it is water soluble and you must intake 5 to 6 liters of water to absorb it properly.

Vitamin B –

It promotes the hemoglobin count and improves circulation of the body, thereby improving your hair and skin as well.

Reduce stress –

Stress is the devil for your body and mind. With tension and stress, everything will just be useless. Reduce your stress and try to relax. It is recommended that you exercise regularly or do yoga.

Shampoo –

People have different types of hair and thus you need to select a shampoo according to your hair type. Always try to select a mild shampoo. Wash your hair with shampoo at alternative days. Don’t over wash.

Conditioning –

It is very important to improve the texture and reduce the rough strands. Always use a good cream conditioner after shampooing. Apply it towards the roots. Keep it for few minutes and wash it off.

Brushing –

Brushing is very important as it improves the blood circulation. It is advised that you choose a round brush for your hair. It works on every hair type. Do not go for teeth hair brush. Detangle your hair religiously.

Avoid curlers, dryers and straightners –

Artificial drying and styling should be done as less as possible. Excessive styling with artificial products reduces hair moisture and hair resting period. It may be one of the reasons, that you might be losing hair at an alarming rate.

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