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Wonderful Home Remedies To Have Beautiful And Voluminous Hair

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We all dream of having soft, silky, long and dense mane, as it enhances our facial features. Hair is quite important for both the genders, as it portrays our personality and appearance.

These days, losing hair or complete baldness has become a common issue among youngsters. People are so busy that they do not find time to take proper care of their hair. Besides, people do not even get proper sleep, unhealthy food habit and stress result in severe hair fall. Not only men, but women too suffer from baldness.

Few basic facts to take care of your mane:

  • Avoid hot water: While washing your hair, use cold or mild warm water. Hot water will dry your hair scalp by rinsing off the oil making it brittle.
  • Regular hair wash: Daily washing should be avoided. Try to wash in the interval of two to three days.
  • Brushing mode: Remove the tangles first from downside, then brush from the root. It will contribute to less hair fall.
  • Natural hair dry: Do not dry by using dryer. Let it dry by itself.
  • Sun cover: It will be better to avoid direct sun, as it may dry your scalp. Keep your head covered when you go out.
  • Combing: You should not comb while it is wet. Wooden brush will be beneficial when used gently.
  • Trimming: Trimming once in a month will be useful for proper growth.

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As you take care of your body, your hair also needs proper treatment to remain healthy. Massaging and using healthy ingredients in your food will reduce hair fall. Eco friendly products are also quite beneficial in retaining its shiny texture.

Effective natural medicines to diminish baldness:

  • Regular application of oil made of rosemary, southernwood, arnica and marigold will be effective.
  • All time active enzymes, Aloe Vera gel is most suitable to lessen your baldness. Massage it on your scalp and rinse it after half an hour with warm water.
  • Solution of Sage tea and Apple Cider Vinegar will help to eradicate your hair problem.
  • You can make hair wash using Aloe Vera gel, Coconut milk and Wheat germ oil. Washing your locks with it will give dense shining hair.
  • Usage of Mira oil, which is made by mixing ten herbs, will help in fast growth.

Genetics and hormone imbalance also play a vital role in loss of tresses. It will be beneficial to eat healthy food containing proteins and vitamins.

Some of the food that helps hair growth is:

Fatty acids of walnuts, avocado, flaxseeds and fish are effective to improve the texture of hair. Food rich with vitamin C produces collagen, which lessen the breaking of hair. Brown rice and oats containing Biotin manages healthy scalp.

Leafy vegetables such as cabbage and watercress contain MSM needed to produce keratin to strengthen hair follicles. Iron and mineral (silica and zinc) rich ingredients like dried fruits, and figs. Cashews, cucumber, mango and leafy greens will make your tresses more healthy and silky to touch.

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