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Useful Tips To Grow Your Hair Fast

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


Long flocks of hair add beauty to your physical appearance and manifest your youthfulness. It also pronounces healthiness. Quality hair plays a main role in transferring sensory information. Everyone wants their mane to grow fast so that they can enjoy different types of hairstyles depending upon their looks. Alas, studies show that growth of it is a slow process, usually only half an inch hair grows in a month.

It is necessary to have a healthy scalp so that your hair grows faster. Dried or unmaintained scalp will not get you silky soft locks.

Hair structure is of two parts:

  • Follicles: It is a tunnel like segment, which is present inside the skin. At the base of the hair root, is papilla containing capillaries which helps in nourishing the cells. The living part of the follicles is the bulb, in which the cells divide faster than other body cells. Sebaceous commonly known as oil gland secretes sebum, which maintains the hair and skin. As your age advances, the secretion becomes slow. After menopause women suffer loss of their healthy flocks in greater proportion. There are also arrector pili which has the ability to make hair stand straight.
  • Shaft: It is the fibrous protein elongating from the follicle. It consists of three layers; cubicle (totally made of keratin scales), medulla ( middle part, present in mostly rough hair), cortex ( composed of keratin fibers). Cortex and medulla are responsible for its color.

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As it is known, your wonderful flocks consist of 90% of protein constructed by long chains of Amino acids.

Function involving hair growth:

All performance happens in three stages in which the hair grows or sheds. It is not seasonal or have time period unlike other mammals.

  • Anagen: It is the active period when the cells at the base divide rapidly. A new hair thus formed pushes out the dead hair (which is not growing). The active period differs for every person. People having long hair have longer duration of active growth. Normally 1cm of it takes approximately 28 days for full growth.
  • Catagen: This transitional period last for few weeks. The outer root sheath shrinks and fixes itself on the root hair, thus forming club hair (it happens when formation of it stops).
  • Telogen: This duration also known as rest period last for at least three months. The club hair is formed when the follicle is active.

Your beautiful locks needs nourishments as it is essential for other parts of body. People usually doesn’t see the changes when their body is undernourished or lack adequate nutrients, it is because months pass by before the deficiency affect shows on your hair.

What should be done to maintain your tresses?

Food containing minerals, proteins, iron , and omega -3 should be taken daily. Marine food, dry fruits, and leafy vegetables all will make it healthier and strong. It will be advisable to avoid regular smoking and have adequate sleep. Try to maintain your hormones as it imbalance will give way to hair loss.

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