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Tips To Grow Your Beautiful Locks After Cancer Recovery

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Alopecia, commonly known as hair loss during cancer treatment is dreaded by every cancer patient. No one can realize the pain of losing their hair all of a sudden, almost like the people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Falling of hair is one of the noticeable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

How much hair you are going to lose will depend upon the dosage of medications you are going to take. Many a times, doctors ask their patients to cut their hair short, as it would require lesser care during the treatment phase. Long hair will become thinner and could fall in clusters.

Why your tresses start falling?

Medications given to fight cancer-causing cells are quite powerful. They also have their effect on other growing cells including the cells present in your hair root. It not only leaves its effect on your scalp, but also on the hair present on other body parts. Some people lose clumps of locks during treatment, but some lose it gradually.

What to expect while the hair grows again?

Fortunately, the hair loss phase is temporary. It takes few months after treatment for your hair to re-grow again. It may not be of the same texture like before. The color may be different, as the pigment needed for it will take time to function normally.

You may feel that the hair is not growing normally. It may be little bushy, grey in color, thin, short and brittle. It is advisable to be little patient as it will take a bit longer for normal growth of your beautiful tresses.

How to prevent total hair loss during treatment

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There are many products in cosmetic market, which promises to prevent your locks from falling. The surety given by them does not work. Therefore, it is better to take little care of your body to discourage hair fall totally.

During the treatment, you can use moisturizer or massage your scalp with oil. Some experts even suggest massaging your scalp with ice packs, as it will prevent the medications to affect the cells, as the blood flow will be slow.

Every prostate cancer patients has different experience while their locks of head start growing. There are some things to be considered while the hair starts emerging again on your scalp.

What steps to be taken while the hair grows again?

  • Usage of good quality conditioners and oils will not let scalp dry.
  • You can apply shampoo containing high amount of proteins to have thick and bouncing locks on your head in few months.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat balanced diet.
  • Food rich in protein, vitamins, iron and omega 3 should be included in your daily diet.
  • Adequate rest and stress free life plays a part in balancing your hormone level, which regulates the fast growing of your tresses.
  • Do not use curlers or other styling accessories during the hair growth phase. It has chances of breaking out easily.
  • It will be better to use soft brushes instead of combs.
  • Any type of chemical like color dyes and perms should not be used.
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