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Secrets To Grow Long And Shiny Hair – Easy Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Long

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


Every female wants a long and voluminous hair. Hair adds to the beauty and makes you look attractive. Your hair will grow long only if you take proper care of it. Hair grows about half an inch every month. Therefore, it is very important that you keep you scalp healthy. You can maintain the quality of your hair and help it to grow longer with the following ways –

Diet and lifestyle –

It is the most important factor to look beautiful. Diet not only affects your skin, but also your skin and nails. Therefore, you must opt for a healthy diet. Eat six meals a day. Do not eat too much of junk or fast foods. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables. Right nourishment can make your hair grow longer and stronger.

You can also take some vitamin supplements. Look for vitamin B and biotin in the supplements. These two components are the essential nutrients for your hair. You can also naturally get biotin in egg yolk and green leafy vegetables.

You should maintain a daily routine. Go to bed early and get up early. Sleeping is very important for your hair. As concluded by the doctors, at the time of sleeping your hair grows, so don’t neglect it.

Oiling –

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Oil provides the essential nutrients physically by penetrating through the hair roots. You should oil your scalp regularly. For oily scalp, it is recommended to use oil before two hours of shampooing. Massage the oil, leave it for two hours and then wash it off. For normal scalp, you can leave it overnight and then shampoo it. For dry and damaged hair, you should use a hot turban therapy before shampooing. Hot turban therapy is the age old and easy method of taking care of the hair. Oil your hair and cover it up with a moistened hot towel. After one hour, shampoo and wash your hair.

Shampooing –

Washing your hair is very important in this busy life. However, if you are living in a polluted city, it is recommended to wash your hair with a mild shampoo. There are daily use shampoos available at every store. Rub it nicely, rinse and wash it off.

Conditioner –

It is necessary that you condition your hair after shampooing. It makes your hair soft and smooth. Apply conditioner towards the roots of the hair, leaving the roots. Keep it for 5mins and wash it with normal water.

Trimming –

Trimming makes your hair grow longer. Visit your saloon stylist every month and trim your hair according to your facial structure. Do not trim too much. However, if you have the problem of split ends, ask the stylist to trim it off till the point of splitting. Continue it for some time and you can see the difference.

The miraculous herbal oil

This is the most powerful oil in growing the length of your hair. It makes your hair longer and stronger. It consists of potential herbal extracts and improves the blood circulation of your scalp. It is recommended that you use it to get the desired results.

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