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Useful And Easy Tips To Grow Your Hair Stronger And Longer In A Fast Way

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Hair Growth Comparisons


Every woman wishes to have long and strong hair. Hair enhances the beauty of the face. Although short hair is easy to maintain, you cannot style it the way you want. With longer hair, you can style it every day in a new way. Here are some useful tips to turn your dream into reality –

Things to avoid –

There are certain things in your daily life that you must avoid in order to grow a healthy hair. Maybe you are doing it unknowingly, but you must be harming the health of your hair.

Use of Excessive artificial styling –

We all love to style our hair, but anything excessive is harmful. Styling with artificial products can degrade the quality of your hair making it dry and rough. Avoid heat curling, hair ironing, temporary hair straightening, and hair spraying too often. Using it too much and rob away the moisture content of your hair. The scalp may also get affected.

Permanent saloon styling –

You can take professional help in making your hair healthy. Permanent hair straightening makes the hair weak and the scalp scaly. You can have dandruff after straightening and hair fall as well.

Hair-rebonding is another styling that should be avoided.

Fast weight loss –

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When you are losing weight fast, your body is being depleted of nutrients and vitamins. It is advised that you should not go for any crash diet without a medical help because untrained diet can make your skin dry and you can lose hair at an alarming rate.

There is a 15 percent resting phase of the hair when it is growing. When you don’t give enough nourishment to body it lowers down the resting phase, as a result your hair falls.

Stress –

It is the common evil for everyone. However, if you are stressed out try to relax and calm down. Take in fluids and meditate. Stress can increase your cholesterol and pressure levels. It can affect your hair directly.

Things to embrace –

A healthy diet –

You should maintain a healthy diet in order to grow your hair faster. Include seasonal and fresh fruits in your diet. Eat green leafy vegetables to have a shiny and healthy hair. You can take additional supplements as well, to promote the growth. You can go for vitamin B and vitamin C supplements. It can be found naturally as well in citrus fruits and egg yolk.

Hair mask –

It is a physical way to supply useful nutrients and nourishment to your hair. Always go for cream based hair mask, it moistens the hair. If possible, leave it overnight and then wash it off with shampoo. It is recommended that you always use a mild shampoo.

Go for a regular check up –

Visit your physician every month and check for your blood sugar and hormone levels. An imbalance in the levels can degrade your hair quality.

The herbal hair oil

The herbal hair oil can improve the blood circulation of your scalp and the length of your hair. You can oil your hair with this useful potent oil to get effective and desired results.

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