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How To Maintain Your Hair Growth With Alopecia Areata

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Alopecia areata is one of the main reasons for hair loss particularly among women. This is a kind of autoimmune disorder. Due to this reason, our immune system attacks the follicles of the hair and as a result, there is hair fall. For many people, particularly among women this can be quite annoying. A number of treatments are available for alopecia areata, which can help in hair growth. However, you need to get some information about these treatments before opting any of them.

Some of the treatments recommended for alopecia

One very common treatment is applying a special kind of cream on the scalp. With the application of cream, your hair growth can restart and also reduce the hair fall considerably.

Another treatment is scalp injection like cortisone, which is found to be very useful. However, cortisone may also have certain side effects and hence before applying such injections you must consult your hair specialist.

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Treatment with immune suppressing drugs is also well known nowadays. With the help of such drugs, your immune system will be lowered and as a result, the hair fall will reduce considerably. However, the problem with this treatment is that the immune system is lowered and your body will not be in a position to fight any infection. Therefore, you are more prone to any kind of sickness. Sometimes different kinds of sickness can also result in hair loss. Therefore, before taking any such treatment you must be aware of these facts.

Most treatments have side effects

If you are suffering from alopecia areata then you must know what you have to pay to get hair re growth. Some of the treatments available may certainly give you good results and you may have good hair regrowth. However, in many cases even after achieving good results, there is sudden hair fall once again. It is not necessary that everyone will face such kind of flare up. Therefore, it is essential that you must remain in constant touch with your doctor and as soon as you observe flare up, you must immediately consult your doctor. Your doctor will certainly be able to help you to treat this problem.

A word of caution

To achieve hair growth for the people having alopecia areata is almost like a battle. If you have autoimmune disorder, then there is no proper treatment available, but you can only suppress them. In other words, you will always have to remain alert against hair fall. However, the good news is that there are plenty of specialists available, who can help you out easily. If you consult them then they can explain you about your case properly. You can ask them any questions related to your hair fall and get proper answer.

You may also consult your doctor time to time and take his opinion too. If you remain alert about your hair fall then you can maintain good hair growth even if you are having the problem of alopecia areata.

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