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Guidelines To Have Healthy, Silky And Shiny Hair

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Skin texture and long healthy hair improves your physical appearance and increases your self esteem. In modern days, people use different types of dyes and hair nourishing cream and cleansers to improve the looks of the mane. It needs proper care and nourishment along with balanced diet.

There are numerous guidelines that will tell you how to take care of your hair. Some are quite useful, while others prove to be totally misleading. Numerable hair products in cosmetic stores promise to help you in growing your locks fast. Unfortunately, they are not that much effective due to few reasons.

Factors which play hindrance for the effectiveness of hair products:

  • Texture of tresses is not the same for every person.
  • Fitness of body is a required element to have silky mane.
  • Chemical products do more harm to it.

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There are few matters to be taken care to have healthier locks:

  • Diet: Ingredients containing protein, amino acids, omega-3, vitamin B, and iron should be included in your everyday food. Fish oil tablets are useful to get long locks of hair.
  • Cleanse your hair gently: Hard brushing on dry hair is sure to pull off your locks. It is fragile and needs to be treated carefully. Wringing it to make it dry won’t help you. Leave it to have air dry after washing it. Comb is the better option than brushing, as the latter can tangle your locks more easily and eventually it may break off.
  • Hair styles accessories: It will be advisable to use dryers, rollers, curlers and others when it is extremely needed. Heat can damage your mane and make it totally dry. While styling use some kind of serum to protect it.
  • Natural hair products: You can use herbal products to cleanse your tresses. Chemicals like sulfates dry it by eliminating the oil present in your locks. Shampoos and cleanser having elements of coconut and aloe will surely prevent your locks from becoming frizzy. Gel and sprays can also be made at home using herbs and oils. Chemical dyes and hair treatments like bleaching, permanent straightening and chemical colors can damage your locks permanently.
  • Massage oil: Treating regularly your hair with oil will not let it go brittle. Massaging with almond or olive oil twice a week will surely give good results.

Few tips to maintain your healthy stresses:

Your locks of hair needs protection from outer elements just like your skin. While swimming, wear cap to protect your hair from chlorine water.

Split hairs should be trimmed often whenever you see a split. Applying hair mask once in a week will make it strong. Stress free life also helps in having strong mane. Adequate sleep and rest balances your hormones, which helps in the growth of your tresses. Drink lots of water as it will increase the flow of blood.

Usable of quality cleanse and moisturize products is crucial to ensure proper growth of your hair. Scalp massage with heated oil once a week will remove the dead cells making way for new hair to pop out.

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