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7 Top Home Remedies For Hair Growth

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A woman cannot help but feel helpless when her hair refuses to grow. The worst part is when it starts to fall off excessively – not mentioning how much pain the 50-100 strands that fall daily cause. While this may be the situation on the ground, women, and men alike, have something to write home about. Contrary to common belief, you do not necessarily need to spend your hard earned money on expensive hair growth products. There are trusted home remedies for hair growth that have been used since time immemorial.

Below is a list of 7 highly effective homemade solutions for hair growth:

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil should be massaged into the scalp and the hair too. It is highly productive if applied to the bald areas. Clearly, you would not doubt a solution that has been in use for more than ten decades.


Besides using rosemary to prepare a delicious cup of tea or your favorite meal, you may apply it to your hair to promote growth. Optimised effectiveness is experienced when it is mixed with some almond oil. Apply it directly on the scalp and the hair area that concerns you.

Saw palmetto

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The powerful healing properties of saw palmetto make it extremely beneficial for individuals dealing with hair loss. Saw Palmetto blocks the production of the hair follicle killing hormone, dihydrotestosterone. Increase your consumption of Saw Palmetto to boost your hair growth substantially.

Coconut Milk

By now, you must have seen hair care products where coconut forms one of the ingredients. It is for a good reason. Besides boosting the growth of hair, coconut also serves as a wonderful conditioner. It is rich in nutrients that minimise hair breakage.

Egg white mask

Apart from its popular usage as a skin care product, the egg contains elements that not only prevents hair breakage but also promotes faster growth. Some of these nutrients include protein, zinc, and iodine. To obtain better results, include honey and olive oil. For every one teaspoon of egg white, include a similar amount of honey and olive oil. Apply directly to the scalp, leave it for 20 minutes, and then rinse with water.


Beetroot is rich in protein, B and C vitamins, and potassium that are all important for hair growth. You only need a few beetroot leaves and henna. The leaves should first be boiled in water until the water is half its initial quantity. From there, grind the leaves, and then add a teaspoonful of henna. Using the mixture, prepare a paste and apply it directly to the scalp. It should rest for about 20 minutes before being rinsed with water. For effective results, repeat the procedure thrice per week.

Lemon juice

The uses of lemon juices are not new to the majority of women. From weight loss to skin care and enhanced digestion, women do not doubt the amazing benefits of lemon juice. Apparently, you can use lemon juice to curb hair loss. Wash your hair, massage lemon juice on the scalp, and hair for about five minutes, and then rinse it off using cold water. Once or twice per week is enough to witness a noticeable change in the volume of your hair, of course after some time.

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