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The Difference Between Male And Female Pattern Hair Loss

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Both men and women suffer from hair loss. In this article, we help you understand the difference between male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss.

Female pattern hair loss

It is the leading type of hair loss in women. Male pattern baldness takes place when the hair follicles shrink over a given period (which varies between individuals). The end results are either finer or shorter hair. With the shrinkage of the hair follicles, a person does not experience new hair growth. However, it is worth noting that the follicles do not die – an indication that new growth of hair is highly possible.

While the actual causes of female pattern baldness are yet to be clearly defined, the hair loss is associated with:

  • Old age
  • The changing levels of the male hormones androgens
  • Genes – a case of family history where women in your lineage suffer from female pattern hair loss

There are various ways through which one can spot or identify female pattern hair loss. Look out for the following signs and symptoms.

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  • One of the earliest signs is the thinning of the hair particularly around the crown and top part of the scalp
  • Besides the normal hair recession that takes place with the passage of time, female pattern hair loss does not usually affect the front hairline
  • Unlike the situation in men, female pattern hair loss never leads to complete or almost complete baldness

While there are no known preventative measures for female hair loss of this nature, you may want to consult your doctor if you are already dealing with it – especially because of its ability to interfere with your self-esteem.

Male pattern hair loss

While men do not care as much about hair loss as women do (women treasure their hair so much so that it hurts when it does not grow as they would want), it is also an unpleasant situation for them – whenever it happens. This is particularly true if we are talking about young men who are not even close to the retirement age.

Male pattern baldness begins with the thinning of the hair on the front of the scalp, and later on forming a bald patch at the top of the scalp. Therefore, the first sign of male pattern hair loss is the receding hairline. If it is not captured in good time, hair loss continues as the follicles shrink even further. Over time, the follicles die which in turn kills the chances of the growth of new hair, and before you know it, you are dealing with baldness. The situation has forced some guys to spend huge chunks of money in hair transplants with the hope of restoring their looks.

Male pattern hair loss usually has to do with male sex hormones and a person’s genetic predisposition. If you are comfortable with your look, you need not seek treatment. However, you may want to speak with your doctor in case of the following scenarios:

  • You wish to find a solution
  • Your suspect that your hair loss may have been triggered by medications
  • Your hair loss is accompanied by skin irritation, pain, redness or itching among many other uncomfortable symptoms
  • You have noticed a given pattern in your hair loss such as faster hair loss, hair breakage or loss of hair in patches
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