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Caffeine And Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a common challenge experienced by both men and women. While there are different types of hair loss, the most disturbing one is the female and male pattern baldness. Experts are constantly in search of effective ways of preventing and treating hair loss, and the consumers have always been receptive, depending on the sensibility of a product that is made commercially available to them. The users of cosmetic products, especially the ones aimed at the treatment or prevention of hair loss are usually careful when selecting these products. The majority of them are more concerned about the safety of the products compared to the effectiveness.

In recent years, the world has witnessed several connections being made (by different parties) between caffeine and hair loss. Ever asked yourself why coffee enjoys such a huge following? In the morning, you meet people in the streets and on the buses holding cups of coffee. You enter the office in the morning and the first smell to hit your nose is that of coffee. When someone is working overnight, say, when he or she has a project to finish, they place heavy reliance on coffee. Don’t forget the fact that some people cannot get through the day, and remain as productive as usual, without taking a cup or two or even more of coffee. The secret lies in the magical ability of coffee to give the user’s body and mind a huge kick, either first thing in the morning, or after a long day at work.

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Now, scientists and researchers have linked caffeine with the prevention of hair loss. For instance, Dr. Adolph Klenk, a German scientist, claims that caffeine has the potential to prevent the type of hair loss emanating from genetic predisposition and hormones – in both men and women. The German scientists attended the Dr. Wolff Group’s second international conference in Cape Town, South Africa, where he presented his pioneering research in caffeine and hair loss prevention, according to biznews.com.

Another research study that appeared in the International Journal of Dermatology concluded that caffeine has hair growth stimulating properties. The study was conducted by T. W. Fischer, MD, P. Elsner, Ph.D., and U. C. Hipler, M.D. The researchers collected biopsies from the head of 14 men whose hair loss was in the beginning phase. The hair follicles were then exposed to solutions with varying caffeine levels. Some the follicles were also exposed to DHT (a hormone that causes loss of hair). After eight days, while the hair follicles subjected to the influence of DHT exhibited growth, the follicles exposed to the solutions containing caffeine showed the greatest growth.

Does this, therefore, give you the right to drink more cups of coffee? Apparently, one would have to take between 40 and 50 cups of coffee daily to accelerate hair growth or prevent hair loss, which is toxic. To solve this drawback, scientists have designed cosmetic products such as shampoo that contain concentrated caffeine. According to Dr. Klenk, these products do not help individuals whose hair follicles have already died. He advises people to be more careful when brushing their hair so as to determine possible balding in good time.

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