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How To Stimulate Hair Growth In Women?

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Hair Growth Comparisons


It reaches a point in a woman’s life – several times – when the hair appears to be stagnating in terms of growth. Others experience substantial hair loss. It is easy for desperation to sink in and women try all sorts of things to bring their hair back. If this is your current situation, continue reading this post to find easy, yet practical and effective ways of stimulating hair growth.

Work towards balancing your hormones

The speed at which hair grows is also dependent on how stable your hormones are. While I cannot cover the entire topic of hormones in this article, let us understand some of the hormones that play key roles in your hair growth. They include:

  • Estrogen – you must have heard about estrogen a thousand times already. While estrogen plays a crucial role in the various aspects or functionality of your body, a problem arises when it becomes dominance. Unusually high levels of estrogen may lead to hair loss for women. One of the ways of preventing estrogen dominance is observing estrogen-friendly diet. For instance, stay clear of soy as they are known to kick your estrogen levels completely out of balance. Other ways of keeping your estrogen levels in check include regular exercise, getting enough sleep, avoiding stress and maintaining a positive mindset, according to Worldhealth.net.

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  • Cortisol – Also known as the stress hormone, there aren’t many discussions surrounding cortisol. A woman will experience a spike in cortisol levels whenever she suffers from chronic or acute stress. One must endeavor to strike a balance at all times because too much of it or a subsequent dip (which happens after recovering from chronic stress) is bad for your metabolism, which in turn works against your hair growth goals.
  • Thyroid hormones – If your body has enough levels of thyroid hormones, your chances of dealing with poor metabolism lower significantly. A healthy metabolism translates to healthy hair. Low thyroid, which is a common occurrence (some people never realize that they are dealing with it), is among the leading causes of hair loss in women. If you are experiencing hair loss, or your hair is not growing as before, you may want to follow it up with your doctor.

Up your protein intake

If you have not been eating enough proteins, consider upping your game from today moving forward. Protein is an important component in the hair growth because it supplies the body with the required hair building blocks. Include foods such as fish, meats, and eggs. These types of foods also have the fats needed to promote healthy levels of hormones, and consequently, healthy hair.

Scalp stimulation

Science has proven that scalp stimulation is essential for hair growth as it boosts blood circulation. The hair follicles usually obtained the necessary nutrients from the wide network of capillaries covering the whole scalp. With the proper flow of blood, the scalp receives enough supply of nutrients. As such, always make a point of massaging your scalp using essential oils such as almond oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil. Consider massaging your scalp twice daily using these essential nutrients as they are also known to trigger the growth of new hair.

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