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Keratin And Hair Growth

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You must have heard of the word “keratin” sometime in your life. Or you have probably seen advertisements that promote keratin, may it be on your shampoo’s packaging, your local salon, or even hair growth pills. But do everybody actually know what it is, and what benefits it gives?

Keratin is a type of protein that can be produced by our bodies. Its main purpose is to protect the epithelial cells that get destroyed with long-term damage as well as stress. Keratin can be found not only in our hair but also on the top layers of our skin. In other words, it is all over our body. We may not see it with our naked eyes, but it’s there to protect us. Apart from that, keratin does not dissolve in water, which helps make our skin waterproof.

To produce keratin, our body will need a total of 18 amino acids, which include cysteine and sulphur. These two particular amino acids are very important as they play an important role in the cohesiveness of each hair strand. So without keratin, our hair would not have any structure.

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Moving on to hair growth, you will probably ask if keratin can really help promote hair growth. It can indeed. Treating your hair with keratin-infused products will definitely give you smoother and shinier hair. And in time, your hair will even be thicker and less prone to breakage and hair fall.

Keratin treatment can make your hair look instantly smooth and silky, but a huge problem is that your hair will be exposed to extreme heat during the treatment. So doing it too often may actually be more damaging to the hair. Furthermore, the treatment itself contains high levels of chemicals like formaldehyde which can seriously damage your hair in the long run. Keratin treatment is a great option for those who spend a lot of time under the sun, and those who often have their hair dyed, curled, or damaged. However, it is best to always be aware of the side effects the treatment may have on you.

For those who want healthier hair, be sure to have a balanced diet that contains the right amounts or proteins, vitamins and oils. Do not expose your hair to factors that would damage it such as the sun, heating tools, and chemicals. Cleanse your hair well with shampoo that will not strip the natural oils off your hair, and make sure to use conditioner and treatments that have ingredients like keratin, biotin, and zinc, as these ingredients promote hair growth.

In conclusion, you do need keratin since it is a natural ingredient for healthy looking hair. But you also have to ensure that the hair products you buy, or the treatments you pay for in the salon that contain keratin are actually safe for your hair. You may even opt for keratin pills instead of treatments as they may have fewer chemicals. If you are going to spend some extra cash, you better make sure that it benefits you instead of giving you more problems.

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