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Biotin And Hair Growth - How To Speed Up Hair Growth?

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In the past few years, you might have noticed an increase of products that state "skin, hair, and nails" on their labels. As you check the ingredients list of these products, most of them contain biotin, a type of vitamin B complex that is vital for the growth and development of cells.

When biotin (or vitamin H) gets absorbed by our body, it reacts to the enzymes and then amino acids are formed. If you have not known, our hair needs 18 types of amino acids for the protein we know as keratin to be produced. Without keratin, our hair would not have any structure. Therefore, we would not have hair that will protect our skin without biotin.

Biotin can be produced by our bodies, but it can also be found in organic foods and supplements. Foods like almonds, cheese, avocado, egg yolk and fish contain certain amounts of biotin in them. These foods also contain other vitamins that are great for the hair, such as vitamin A. However, not everybody gets enough vitamins just from their diet alone, especially those who have stricter diets like vegans. This is where biotin supplements come in, and this is the reason why supplements are becoming more and more popular.

You might be able to tell if your body lacks this specific vitamin. Some signs that you are deficient in biotin include: brittle hair, hair fall, extremely dry skin, nerve damage, mood changes, and chronic fatigue.

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Studies have proven that taking biotin supplements can help with healthy hair growth. The recommended daily intake for adult males and females would be 30 mcg daily, while nursing women will need a little more at 35 mcg, as they lose more vitamins in their bodies. The great thing about biotin is that it has been proven to not have any side effects on the body, even if one takes over 5,000 mcg per day. This is because biotin is water soluble, meaning that the vitamin goes straight into the bloodstream, so excessive amounts of the vitamin can just be expelled by the body through urine.

Biotin supplements stimulate our bodies to produce hair and skin cells. And according to many users, taking these supplements every day eventually gave them healthier and thicker hair. However, we should not be completely dependent on biotin supplements alone. What would be best is for you to eat organic foods that naturally contain biotin, and if that is not enough, then add supplements to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins.

But take note that the amount of biotin you take does not equal to the amount or length of hair that will grow. Yes, it does make your hair grow faster and thicker - but results often vary from one person to another. Also, biotin supplements are mostly recommended to those who have vitamin deficiencies.

Overall, for faster hair growth, it is very important to stay away from stressful situations as this is a huge factor in hair loss. And always make sure to treat your hair properly with just the right amount of products to keep it strong and healthy.

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