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Itchy Scalp Can Cause Hair Loss

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Dandruff is a common problem that people experience when their scalp gets dry. And the main cause of dry scalp is stress - may it be from work, school, or even relationship problems. One thing you have to realize is that dry scalp is actually a skin condition. In fact, there are more than one condition that lead to dry and itchy scalp like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Now, let us get into more detail about these skin conditions. Dandruff has very similar symptoms as seborrheic dermatitis including reddish-brown patches on the scalp as well as itchiness. In some cases, there would be red patches on the scalp too. The only difference is that the dandruff can only be found on the scalp, while dermatitis can affect other parts of the body. Common factors that cause dandruff are extreme weather, age, stress, and lack of hygiene, but it can also be caused by skin disorders and extremely oily scalp.

The worst thing that can happen with dandruff is that with itching, people tend to constantly scratch their scalp. When this happens, hair becomes loose, which eventually leads to hair fall. To avoid this from happening, use antibacterial products like tea tree oil to avoid dandruff, and treat your hair with natural conditioners like coconut oil to keep scalp moisturized, while avoiding chemicals that can irritate skin.

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Another condition that also causes itchiness is scalp psoriasis. Similar to skin psoriasis that can be found anywhere else in the body, symptoms include red patches on the scalp and around the hair line, as well as silver colored scales on the scalp. People get scalp psoriasis when white blood cells in their body generate new cells too quickly. Therefore, cells tend to pile up on the surface of the skin as thick flakes.

Scalp psoriasis can be triggered by factors such as stress, respiratory problems, smoking and alcohol. But stress is often what triggers the issue, and this is where people experience it the first time. Scalp injury is also a potential factor that triggers scalp psoriasis.

Here is the thing, it is not easy to distinguish between dandruff and scalp psoriasis. This is because both conditions have very similar symptoms like redness and itchiness. However, it is vital for you to know because each one has a different treatment. And if these symptoms are not treated soon enough, you will eventually suffer from hair loss.

There have been studies regarding the connection between itchy scalp and hair loss, and it has been proven that hair loss is not a direct effect of itchy scalp. Rather, it is the person’s reaction to itchy scalp that causes hair fall. In other words, as you scratch your scalp, hair follicles get damaged, which weakens the hair and eventually leads to hair loss. Other than that, it is also the products that people use to treat these skin conditions (eg. shampoo or medicine) that make hair weak and brittle, as they may be too harsh to the hair follicles.

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