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Top 5 Best Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth

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Hair loss is one major issue that a lot of people have been facing today. Men are able to get away with this problem, but women cannot - as long shiny hair plays an important role in their appearance, affecting their self-esteem.

Now, there are many reasons why hair loss is becoming an issue in our society. This problem is mainly caused by stress, but the food we eat is another major factor here. Wherever we go, we are surrounded by sugary and processed foods. Though these may satisfy our sweet tooth cravings, they do not actually contain any vitamins.

They make us feel full, but they do not nourish our bodies from within. This is where vitamin deficiency comes from, and vitamin deficiency can result to hair loss. So, if you want to have great hair, here is a list of vitamins that you might want to include in your diet.

Biotin or vitamin H. Biotin has always been known to do wonders to your hair, as it is a vital ingredient in the production of keratin - the protein that protects and gives structure to the hair. Without it, our hair will be thin and brittle and will not have protection. Nuts like almonds and peanuts are great sources of biotin.

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Vitamin C. Some people start noticing gray hair in their late 20s. This is a sign that the body lacks vitamin C. If your body is deficient in vitamin C, free radicals increase while antioxidants decrease, making your body more prone to aging, including your hair. So if you want to halt graying hair, be sure to eat vitamin C rich foods like dark leafy vegetables and bright colored fruits. You can also opt for vitamin C supplements to further boost the antioxidants in your body.

Vitamin D. We all know that the main role of vitamin D is to help the body absorb calcium. Without it, our bones and teeth will be brittle. But that is not its only purpose, as vitamin D is also important in activating stem cells in hair follicles, as well as repairing damaged skin. Studies show that a higher intake of vitamin D can promote hair and nail growth too. The easiest way to get vitamin D naturally is by staying under the sun for a few minutes.

Vitamin E. Many people believe that vitamin E is the secret to beautiful, glowing skin due to the antioxidants it contains. But that is not its only purpose. Vitamin E helps our body produce more oxygen that aids in blood circulation too - and better circulation leads to faster hair growth. Soybeans, nuts, and dark leafy vegetables all contain great amounts of vitamin E.

Zinc. Studies have proven that those who are deficient in minerals like zinc tend to suffer from hair loss. This is because zinc helps produce DNA and RNA, and without it, hair follicles will become weak. Also, our hormones tend to become imbalanced when we lack this mineral in our body, which also leads to hair fall. In fact, studies found that zinc is one of the few ingredients that is used to treat bald spots and alopecia.

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