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Water And Hair Growth - How Water Helps With Hair Growth

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Seventy percent of our body is made out of water. Humans can survive for a few days without any food, but without water, we will not - therefore, water is very important to our health. As we go through our day, we move, we sweat, and eventually get dehydrated. This is why we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday - to replenish the water that has been lost in our body.

But water is not just important to keep us going. A lot of studies have already proven that water gives us smooth and glowing skin, as well as healthy tresses. Believe it or not, water can do wonders to our hair.

If you are not getting enough water in your system, you are most likely dehydrated. Now, dehydration not only affects how you generally feel. There are also physical signs that will tell you that you are dehydrated, like having dry hair and rough skin.

Not a lot of people know that water has a direct effect on hair growth. That when the body is not replenished with enough water, the cells in our body cannot reproduce - and these include cells that are responsible for hair growth. Without enough water, your hair will not grow as fast because it is one of the main ingredients that help with the absorption of vitamins.

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If you really want to have great hair, the best thing you could do is to drink two liters of water each day. If you did not know, almost 1/4 of the weight of each hair strand comes from water. So always make sure to drink plenty of water to quench its thirst so it stays lubricated.

Supplements that promise faster hair growth do work, but without the right amount of water, they may not actually be effective. This is because these supplements contain the vitamins needed, but as I have mentioned earlier, the vitamins will not be absorbed by your body if it lacks water.

Water does not just help with hair growth, it also gets rid of the toxins in our body. When I say toxins, I am not only referring to the inside of our body, as water also helps eliminate hair problems like hair thinning and dandruff. As you know, the main cause of dandruff is dry scalp and that is another sign that your body is not getting enough water.

It is not just drinking water that will make your hair look healthy. When we shower, water touches our scalp, and our scalp has thousands of sensitive nerve endings. These nerves get activated when water touches them, which then promotes the growth of hair.

Now you know how important water is to our body. Not only does it help maintain healthy moisturized hair, it also aids in hair growth. At the same time, water combats hair problems such as dandruff, dry scalp, and hair loss. The best thing about this is that water is cheap and accessible. Staying hydrated is probably the easiest way to help your hair grow naturally.

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