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Hair Growth 101

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Most of us usually take our hair for granted – especially if it is growing steadily in terms of length, glow and volume. We never give a damn about how it develops, or rather the internal process leading to what we see on the outside. Wait until some form of hair loss such as breakage, thinning or balding happens.

That is when we rush to learn everything we need to know about hair growth. Choose to be different today. Read this post to the end to understand how your hair growth and what it has taken for you to enjoy the kind of hair you have today, or you have had for as long as you can remember.

So, how does the hair grow?

Your hair usually grows from the little pockets in your scalp known as follicles. Look at how this happens;

  • Your hair starts to grow from a root (the root comprises protein cells) found at the bottom of the follicle.
  • The roots receive nutrients from the blood vessels found in your scalp. In turn, cell multiplication takes place, and your hair continues to grow.
  • As the hair grows, it pushes itself up the skin and passes the oil glands of hair follicles along the way. The oil glands are responsible for adding oil to your hair and keeping it soft and shiny. Sometimes the oil can make your hair greasy – explaining why we are encouraged to wash our hair.
  • By the time the hair makes its way out of the skin and becomes visible, it dies, and this is why you do not feel pain when you cut it.

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Note that the hair in other parts of your body such as the hands, legs, pubic areas and so on, goes through a similar process but the whole process usually takes a month or longer – just in case you have been wondering why your body hair doesn’t grow as long as the one on your head.

Quick facts about hair follicles and hair growth on your head:

  • At birth, you have all the follicles you will ever need – on average 5million
  • At any given time, your scalp features approximately 100,000 follicles
  • Apparently, male hair grows a lot faster than that of females (I bet you did not know this interesting fact – now you do).
  • The hair on your head witnesses an average growth of 6 inches annually.
  • You should not be surprised when hair strands are left on your brush every morning or each time you brush your hair. Average hair loss per day is estimated at 50-100 strands.
  • The normal hair loss is based on the logic that follicles do not all grow hair at the same time. Every follicle grows hair for a given period and then takes a break. As such, when it is taking a break, the hair that has grown in it falls off.
  • Do you know why hair thinning and balding is a common occurrence in older men and women? It is because some hair follicles stop growing hair entirely as you become older – although it happens more in some people compared to others.
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