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A Healthy Scalp Is Equal To Healthy Hair

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Do you look at the hair of other people and wish you had the same? Do you want to have long, shiny, sleek and voluminous hair on your lovely head? If yes, stop putting all your focus on those expensive and fancy styling products. The solution is closer to you than you might think – your scalp!

The state of your scalp dictates the health of your hair. Robert Dorin, a hair restoration surgeon at True & Dorin Medical Group in the city of New York, hair follicles relies on the oil glands that surround them to function effectively. Dorin argues that a dry, irritated and unhealthy scalp causes the hair follicles to produce dry and less manageable hair. As such, the very first step towards ensuring the growth of sufficiently moisturized, strong and healthy hair is to do everything possible to achieve a healthy scalp.

So, how does a healthy scalp look like?

Well, it is obviously clean with clear pores, undamaged follicles and proper flow of blood. Some of the traits associated with an unhealthy scalp include persistent itching, alopecia, tenderness, extreme dryness, dandruff, psoriasis and eczema and so on and so forth.

If you suspect that you have psoriasis or alopecia, it is imperative that you seek the necessary treatment.

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Medical help aside, you can engage in a couple of activities that will go a long way in helping you have and maintain a healthy scalp and ultimately, healthy hair. They include:

Monthly exfoliation

Just like your facial and body skin, the scalp also benefits from regular exfoliation. Monthly exfoliation is particularly suitable for individuals who use a lot of hair care products or those who are not in the habit of washing their hair frequently. Invest in an excellent exfoliating scalp mask capable of thoroughly cleansing the scalp and removing all the unwanted scales. If you cannot afford a mask, you can always make one from the comfort of your home. Use the Internet to discover DIY scalp exfoliation masks.

Pay attention to the flakes

Whatever you do, never dismiss flakes. We all know how irritating and embarrassing an itchy and flaking scalp can get. However, it is not something that should be taken lightly because it is an indication of a distressed scalp. Some of the factors linked to a scalp in distress include hormonal fluctuations, chronic stress, inadequate nutrition and failure to clean the scalp thoroughly.

They all lead to dandruff – a fungal infection of the skin. Apparently, the inflammation and scratching emanating from severe dandruff have the potential to make the hair follicles weak which leads to premature shedding of the hair strands. Get rid of flakes and itchiness by washing your hair twice weekly using an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Brush your hair every day

Always brush your hair gently before you get into the shower. Doing so helps to remove dead skin cells which clog hair follicles, and in turn, inhibiting new hair growth. Brushing your hair also triggers proper blood flow, and at the same time, helping to move the excess oil from the roots to the ends of the hair which helps in ensuring adequate moisturization. Of utmost importance is to invest in a good brush according to your hair type.

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