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Hair Growth Vitamins- Basic Nutrition For Your Hair

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Hair is an important part of our body. Although hair is just a dead protein and it has following functions in our body:

  • It acts as an insulation coat, which prevents our body from harmful sun radiations.
  • It helps in evaporation of sweat.
  • Prevents fluids from entering the skin.

As we grow older, the blood supply to the hair follicle is reduced. This is due to the reason that, the capillaries or blood vessels get lessened. Hence, the follicles don’t get enough nutrition, which causes hair loss.

Losing up to 100 strands of hair in a day is normal, but if the rate of hair fall is more than that, then the person may soon become bald. Vitamins constitute an important part of our diet. They perform many biochemical reactions in our body, which are necessary for hair growth and maintaining the texture of hair.

It is important to add sufficient amount of vitamins in our diet, because lack of vitamins may cause hair loss and baldness. It is important to add following vitamins in our diet, to prevent hair loss:

Vitamin B:

It is an essential hair growth vitamin, which can be taken in form of supplement or by adding egg, beans and berries in your diet.


This also promotes growth of hair, or it can be consumed as supplement or by adding oats, sunflower seeds and brown rice in your diet.

Vitamin A:

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This vitamin is responsible for maintaining immunity of our body, and hence, helps in healthy hair growth. Vitamin A is present in kale and carrots.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin is found in high quantities in citrus fruits such as lime, lemon and orange. It improves the circulation of blood to hair follicles and scalp, and hence promotes hair growth. Thus, vitamin C proves to be an essential hair growth vitamin.

Vitamin E:

It is found in sea foods, nuts or it can be consumed in the form of supplements. Vitamin E helps in increasing of oxygen uptake by cells, and hence improves blood circulation to scalp.

These hair growth vitamins should be added in our daily diet, and nowadays, it is also present in form of capsules or supplements in market.

Other than hair growth vitamins, fatty acids are also essential for hair growth. Walnuts, fish, soy and canola oil contain essential fatty acids.


Deficiency of iron leads to anemia, especially in reproductive years of women. This is the major cause of hair loss in teenagers and working women, as they don’t consume required amount of diet in a day.


Hair is a protein, and it is dead, this doesn’t means that we should not care about it. It has a vital role in maintaining temperature of our body, and hence we should consume proper diet, which includes the hair growth vitamins, fatty acids and iron, so that our hair gets proper nourishment and can grow well. We should not use products that are synthetic and harmful for our hair, but rather use natural products, which are beneficial.

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