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Hair Growth Supplements For Natural Hair

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


Have you ever dreamed about a healthy, beautiful and glowing hair?

Yes, natural nutritional diet supplements are the right choice for a healthy hair. You can include natural vitamins and minerals to your daily diet to control hair loss. Vitamins, minerals, folic acids, biotin, niacin and zinc are some examples of hair growth supplements.

Detecting The Vitamin Deficiency

Before having a vitamin supplement, it is important to detect the deficiency by blood test. Biotin and B6 testing will detect the 95% of vitamin deficiencies. After detecting the deficiency, we can start taking the essential vitamins in order to treat the hair loss. Regular nutrition and balanced diet act as the best hair growth supplement, which gives the essential vitamins.

Supplements And Vitamins For Good Hair

Supplements can reverse greying and prevent thinning hair. Biotin or vitamin H helps rapid growth of hair and also premature greying. The mineral silica help in reducing probability of split ends and also strengthens the hair. Maximize the use of iron by eating iron-rich foods, which also act as a good hair growth supplement.

General Guidelines

Regular massaging will increase the blood circulation to the scalp. Applying essential oils will avoid the dryness and sensitiveness. Combing your hair gently twice daily will stimulate the hair follicles and keeping it moisturized and tangle free by the scalp sebum. Adding the above tips to your hair growth supplements also will improve your hair condition.

Things To Remember

Hair growth supplements and good habits will help your hair grow properly.

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  • Avoid over-exposure to sun.
  • Avoid overuse of chemical sprays, shampoos, conditioners and coloring agents.
  • Avoid use of tight hair clips in sleep.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sleep well.

Herbal And Other Nutritional Supplements

Some important herbal and nutritional supplements are given below:

  • Apple skin - Polyphenols found in apples are very healthy with good antioxidants.
  • Borage - Prevent hair loss and strengthens hair growth
  • Green tea - Can be one of the useful hair growth supplements.
  • Jojoba oil - Helps clearing dandruff, dry scalp and other skin conditions.
  • Saw palmetto - This is an herb among nutritional supplements.


Giving a proper nutrition to hair through hair growth supplements not only make it grow but keep them stronger and shinier. Nutritional supplements for hair will encourage your health too. Adding up of these supplements will increase the amount of phytochemicals and nutrients. Thus, supplements are providing benefits in all ways.

Protein-Rich Foods

Keratin is a form of protein. Proteins are also a good hair growth supplement. Eating protein-rich foods will help your hair to grow thicker and stronger. Proteins in red meat will protect you from anaemic conditions by providing two-in-one benefits.

Raise Your Confidence

Overall, good nutrition is the best way to have a healthy hair. Apart from that, hair growth supplements provide you better nutrition with better health. It will increase your confidence level. Include supplements to your daily diet and live happily.

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