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Few Suggested Hair Growth Remedies

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Hair Growth Remedies commonly refer to the control of hair fall through various chemical and organic methods. Hair fall is the regularly found problem among all the people belonging to different ages. Hair fall is caused due to the loosening of the hairs from the roots in our scalp due to insufficient nutrition.

Hair fall is the major problem that is being faced by every other individual. Hair fall till certain extinct is considered as indication of healthy hairs. But, exceeded hair fall may represent the unhealthiness of the hairs. If it is not stopped by the time being then the person may lose all his hair if care is not taken.

Most of the hair fall remedies have been suggested by the dermatologists. Hair growth remedies that are suggested by them are just chemical ones and may end up in slow side effects such as itching in eyes, burning sensations, etc.

Herbal ingredients are being used from the ancient times as the best hair cares. These herbal products help in improving and enhancing of the gift of nature. These herbal products work on the four basic hair types such as dry hairs, greasy hairs, normal hairs and damaged hairs.

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Hair fall is commonly caused due to the life style of a person. Consumption of too much spicy food, food that is rich in sugars and fats and also daily usage of synthetic shampoos weakens the root grip of hairs and falls because of unhealthiness. Most of the medicated shampoos cause damage to the scalp which also results in the weakening of the hair roots.

Certain hair growth remedies are suggested in order to have healthy and beautiful hair. Warm herbal oil treatment before shampooing our hair is the best recommended method. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as peach kernel, almond oil and sunflower oil will be rich in root nourishing ingredients and also avoid drying of the scalp.

Henna paste, shikakai powder and amla powder are the best suggested pastes that must be used to wash hair instead of shampoos. These are prepared by using herbal ingredients and will not cause any damage on the scalp and skin layer of the head. These are the ancient hair-care pastes and are the best suggested hair growth remedies.

The most suggested hair shampoos are those shampoos that are made by henna and egg yolk. Henna act as the repairer, regenerator and nourishing character of our hairs while egg yolk acts as the best conditioner and gives soft and smooth look for our hair.

The oil massaging for our hairs before shampooing strengthens the roots to hold the scalp area and also deepens the hair growth. This helps in either small amount of hair loss or no hair loss while having head bath. Because it is commonly seen that hair looses easily while oil massaging and hair was washing.

Most of the home made hair growth remedies are suggested by the dermatologists such as massaging hair scalp with aloe Vera, rosemary and yucca leaves. It is clinically proved that these leaves contain most of the hair generating and conditioning vitamins in it.

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