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Fast Hair Growth From Simple Techniques

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Though our hair is just protein, they need proper supply of vitamins and minerals through blood, for their growth. Malnutrition is the commonest cause nowadays, which affects the growth of hair.

For fast hair growth we need to add fruits and animal products such as eggs, meat, beef and milk in our diet. These products are rich in vitamins, such as Vitamin A, B3, B5, B12, C, E and biotin. These vitamins are necessary for:

  • Sebum production from sebaceous glands, which is natural oil and nourishes our scalp.
  • Prevents our hair from turning grey.
  • Improves blood supply to scalp and ensures proper nutrition to scalp.

If you are suffering with severe anemia, you can add tablets and capsules of vitamins, which are easily available in market.

Avoid weight loss:

Nowadays, many people go for dieting, for weight loss. Weight loss through this method cuts important sources of vitamins and minerals to body, which can cause anemia and can result in severe hair loss.

Weight loss through exercise is a good option, as it also improves blood supply to scalp and other organs and hence results in fast hair growth.

Relieve stress:

Stress is an important factor which affects the growth of hair. If you really want fast hair growth, then relieving stress from your life should be the first step for it.

Relieving stress is simple, you just need to relax and manage your work properly, so that you are not tensed regarding your work.

Care of hair:

Hair should be handled with care for fast hair growth.

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  • Don’t tie tight ponytails, hair should be tied gently and in loose braids instead?
  • Hair should be brushed carefully. People with curly hair can experience resistance while using a comb, so they can set up their hair style by using fingers first and then use comb.
  • Avoid going in wind, rain and in polluted places without a hat. As these factors can contaminate the scalp and affect hair growth.
  • Avoid over styling your hair, as it can pull the roots of hair and can result in hair loss.
  • Keep your scalp and hair clean by washing it frequently with a gentle shampoo.
  • While washing, massage on scalp, it promotes hair growth.
  • Keep hair well moisturized.

Medical therapy:

Doctors can prescribe multi vitamin drugs for fast hair growth, if hair growth is not much affected by improved diet and other remedies.

Minoxidil is a drug, which has been used for many years in promoting hair growth. It acts by the mechanism of vasodilatation. Through vasodilatation it improves the circulation of blood to scalp, and hence hair gets better nutrition, and thus promotes hair growth.


Fast hair growth is not so simple. You need to keep a track of daily diet, so that you don’t miss important vitamins and minerals in diet. Natural therapy should be tried first, as there are no side effects from it. Medical therapy should be the last resort, as there are many side effects of medical therapy.

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