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Different Types Of Hair Growth Vitamins And Their Functions

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These days, numerous remedies are available for sale in the market to deal with hair loss such as artificial hair implant, shampoos, sprays, vitamins and other medicinal supplements. The common component in most of these products includes hair growth vitamins which act as a hair growth stimulator.

Reasons Behind Hair Loss

There can be several factors behind hair loss such as neglect, stress, external environment, depression, unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged illness or nutritional deficiencies .All these factors often lead to many bodily problems including excessive hair loss ,brittleness of hair, spilt ends and dying of hairs in many people. So in order to secure healthy hair growth you can consider using hair growth vitamins.

Types Of Hair Growth Hormones And Their Role

Recent scientific studies have proved that the growth of human hair is directly related to nutritional and balanced diet, containing some particular vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Some of the most essential vitamins for healthy hair growth are:

Vitamin A: - This particular vitamin plays a vital role in hair growth. It initiates the production of healthy sebum in our scalp which in turn accelerates the process of hair growth.

Vitamin C:-It acts as antioxidant and gives longevity to your hairs by converting bodily fats and carbohydrates into energy. Moreover, it also facilitates in collagen formation which is one of the major components of hair. Furthermore, it actively prevents your hairs from breaking or splitting by bonding tissues.

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Vitamin E:-This vitamin is not only beneficial for your immune system but also important for your healthy hairs. It mainly prevents your hairs from splitting and breaking thereby preventing further hair damage .It also nourishes your scalp and prevents scalp dryness which in turn curbs hair fall. Its antioxidant properties, fights free radicles and increases blood circulation thus promoting hair growth.

Biotin:-Its deficiency in your body may result in hair loss and baldness. So, this vitamin plays a major role in preventing premature hair loss .It also stops greying of hair.

Inositol:-It keeps your hair follicles healthy and prevents hair fall.

Niacin or Vitamin3: It also promotes circulation of blood in the scalp which in turn simulates new hair growth.

Vitamin B5 stops hair loss while Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 are essential for keeping your hairs healthy and shiny.

Apart from the above mentioned vitamins zinc, magnesium and calcium are also important for maintaining healthy and shiny hairs.

These days, you can buy hundreds of saleable hair care products available in many forms such as shampoos, sprays, hair oil and conditioners containing the above mentioned essential hair growth vitamins to make your mane stronger, thicker, lustrous, longer and healthier.

Oral supplements such as capsules and tablets containing vitamins for hair are also readily available in the mart to make your work easier. Natural intake of hair growth vitamins in the form of citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, green peppers, potatoes, vegetable oils, soybean, whole grains, and poultry and milk products are also a wonderful way to keep your strands healthy.

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