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Smart Tips For Natural Hair Growth

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It's an innate desire for each one of us to have healthy, strong and shiny hairs. Beautiful hair adds an X-factor to one's personality. You really need to take care of this natural asset. It requires intensive care and attention from time to time otherwise you may end up having problems like hair loss, weak hair or dandruff.

Growth of Healthy hair mainly depends on the biological process your body. There are two major factors that may affect the proper functioning of this process, one is the Genetic disorder and other is the Hormonal Imbalances.

It is essential on your part to keep your hair clean by using well-formulated shampoos, cleansers and conditioners. Also, intake of proper balanced diet is another factor that contributes to provide the body, required nutritional supplements requirements for natural hair growth. Yoga and meditation can also be helpful in case of hormonal imbalances.

It is advisable that one should opt first for the natural ways to resolve their hair problems. There are various oils such as Coconut oil, Rosemary, Lavender and Chamomile that promotes natural hair growth.

Tips for natural hair growth

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Here are few tips that can help you get natural hair growth without any side effects. You have the choice to select the one that suites you as per your comfort and life style.

Coconut oil is one of the best hair care product that promotes hair growth and helps resolving many other hair related problems. It has the basic components that yield to hair proteins. Applying coconut oil mixed with drop of lime juice makes your hair soft and adds luster to them. Coconut oil help in restructuring of damaged hair, and it makes them strong and healthy.

Lavender oil is very effective to prevent hair loss. Blend a few drops of lavender oil with other essential oils like rosemary, olive and sesame give volume and extra shine to the hair. Lavender oil has magical effects to treat lice and fleas in the hair. It can also be used to treat itchiness on the scalp.

Rosemary is yet another medicinal herb that simulates the natural hair growth. Massaging oil on the scalp with a blend of Rosemary and olive oil improves the blood circulation and helps in better hair growth. The key constituents of this hair oil is the rosamarinic and caffecic acid that have antioxidant effects and can be used to treat various hair ailments.

Applying a mixture of yoghurt and white eggs makes your hair shiny and Healthy. Don't use extremely warm or cold water to wash your hair, as it makes the roots week and result in hair loss. Indeed washing your hair with warm solution of diluted vinegar provides an extra bounce and shine to your hair.

Vitamins B and E plays a major role in natural hair growth. Various vitamin supplements are available in the market, but they cannot replace the benefits of the balanced diet rich in required vitamins and proteins. Choosing natural ways for hair growth is always beneficial, as it avoids the pain of taking an injection, surgeries or any nasty side effects.

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