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Hair Growth Treatment For Long And Beautiful Hair

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Beautiful healthy hair most definitely makes us feel good about ourselves, and girls just love long beautiful hair. However, men are not left far behind either, as the trend of growing long hair is seen a lot among fashion conscious men these days. There are many new hairstyles which require healthy long hair.

Growing long hair is obviously a lengthy process and many men might give up and go for shorter haircuts. There here are many hair growth treatment plans that can help individuals grow their hair comparatively faster. However, people will need to set practical goals and understand that even the short term treatments could show slow progress depending upon some factors.

If you desire long hair then commit yourself to follow few strict steps. After a period of time, you will not only have long hair, it will be healthy and beautiful too.

Texture Of The Hair:

Before explaining about hair growth treatment in details, let us share some information about the texture of hair. Hair are primarily framed with the protein named keratin. It creates intermediate filaments by holding all the hair together into a rope like structure. These filaments strengthen the hair shafts.

The growth of hair starts inside the follicle of hair. The hair which we see is the shaft of hair and that is considered dead without any biochemical activity. The root of the shaft is called bulb, that accumulates many cells which help to produce the shaft.

Hair is constructed with three kinds of strands:

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  • Medulla
  • Cortex
  • Cuticle

The medulla is an open, unstructured and innermost region. The primary source of hair is the middle layer which is an organized cortex, and it is a source of mechanical strength and uptake of water.

Hair possess an important place throughout our lives, as it gives an overall tranformation to our our personalities. A lot of research and development have been conducted to understand the reasons for hair growth and hair fall. Studies on hair growth treatment have also tried to identify the circumstances in which our hair get affected

We understand that experiencing baldness can lower our self-esteems. People normally tend to stay away from clinics due to shyness. Hair growth treatment programs use advanced technologies supported with years of research. However, the results will depend on the condition of a person's hair.

There are different ways to treat baldness. Some of them are medication, therapies, hair weaving etc. However, hair growth treatment is still an ongoing research, and many scientists are still working on finding remedies for baldness and hair loss

Our hair follicles are prone to change their physical characteristics with extreme dryness, or due to any medical condition like thyroid issues. Hair fall can also be associated with lack of physical fitness and mental stress as well. Therefore, even physiotherapy intervention can be helpful in containing hair fall. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend you take up hair growth treatment by consulting ahead specialist.

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