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Important Things To Do For Fast Hair Growth

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When someone talks about remedies for fast hair growth, many of you start imagining about some products which will have instant formula to make the hairs grow longer in no times. The one and only practical way to achieve longer hairs in just few hours or days is by implanting hair extensions which is a very expensive and risky procedure. Therefore, if you desire for that long and healthy hairs, you will have to work really hard on them for few months in order to see terrific results.

Fast hair growth depends on several necessary nutrients required by hair follicle. As your hair starts growing from the body part i.e. scalp, you need a proper diet. Never ever take poor diet as it will result in dull, and lifeless looking hairs. A balanced diet including plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables is essential to prevent thinning of hair. You also need to make certain that the diet you are taking is rich in required minerals including protein and fatty acids.

As your hair is made of a protein called a Keratin, a diet with shortage of protein can damage its health and growth. Another important mineral is Omega-3 fatty acid which is found in fish or its supplements. It has anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate any sort of irritation in scalp and nourish the scalp by making the blood stream more efficiently.

Massage for fast hair growth

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Other than proper and nutritious diet, what else you can do is a proper massaging. Longer hairs need sufficient nourishment of the scalp and thus you should try to massage it on a very frequent basis. Massaging will help in stimulating the blood circulation of hair follicle.

It will also remove dead skin and help in unclogging the pores which in return will allow your hairs to grow more without restraint. You can use good quality oil for this purpose and massage your scalp prior to head bath.

Things that can affect fast hair growth

It’s not just the balanced diet which can offer you healthy hairs but you also need to take few precautions and avoid doing few things for this purpose. Such as, you should never put any kind pressure on your scalp through tight pony tails, clasps, clips, bands or something else, as hair grows more freely when they are left free. Avoid brushing them too harshly because doing so will produce irritation in the scalp.

You should also avoid using chemicals on your hairs including shampoos as the harsh chemical in them can lessen the quantity of natural oils present on the scalp. However, if you want to clean your hairs daily then use a quality conditioner and shampoo. Coloring, Straightening, blow drying, perming, or using heated rollers can badly hurt the hair follicle. Such process will not only hinder growth but also make them dry and fragile.

The finest way to encourage fast hair growth is to take up a dual approach. First, you should make sure that your body inside part is healthy which can be done by eating right quality and quantity of food. Second, try to eliminate any factor that can cause damage to the scalp.

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