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Hair Growth Supplements - Solution To All Your Hair Problems

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Top Hair Growth Products
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Healthy hair is important for both men and women as it enhances our physical appearance and also boosts our self-esteem. Receding hairline and baldness is a horror for beauty conscious people across the globe. Hair Growth Supplements may be the answer to all our hair related problems.

Causes of Hair fall:

Hair fall may be due to various reasons like mental stress, unhealthy lifestyle, dryness of scalp, excessive medication, depression, hair dyes, perm solutions, poor circulation of blood in scalp and nutritional imbalance.

Functions of Hair growth Supplements:

The market is flooded with different types of Hair Growth Supplements for men and women. They are effective, safe and better alternative to surgery as the latter is expensive and an unpleasant experience. The main function of these supplements is to acts as a stimulator to encourage hair follicles to grow more hair.

They are specially formulated to cure hair loss problems and one can see the optimum results in 3 to 6 months. The best thing about these supplements is that you can also combine them with other hair loss treatments for better results.

Role Of Vitamins, Minerals And Hormones In The Growth OF Healthy Hairs

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Healthy hair needs proper amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Hormones also play an important role in the growth of hairs in both men and women. Hair conditioners and other hair products works well only if our hair is healthy from its roots. A proper well balanced diet is required to keep our locks healthy and shiny.

Urban lifestyle often makes it impossible for us to get proper nutrition which sometimes leads to hair related problems in many people. Hair growth supplements are the safest way to solve all these problems as they contain right combination of vitamins and minerals to minimize hair loss. Healthy hair needs healthy scalp that is why these supplements contain vitamin A, B, C and E to keep our scalp healthy.

Apart from these, two other vitamins called Niacin and Inositol are also used in these supplements. Inositol helps our follicles to stay healthy whereas niacin maintains proper circulation in the scalp. Other ingredients such as Zinc, Sulfur, copper, magnesium calcium silica, iodine, selenium and fluorine are also part of these supplements.

Zinc and vitamin A works together to prevent breakage and dryness of our hair. Calcium and magnesium helps in hair growth. Iodine mainly prevents dryness of hair whereas copper, silica and sulfur adds strength to our hairs

Some of these supplements also contains saw palmetto extracts ,rosemary extracts and stinging nettle to name a few .These herbal extracts are also known as DHT blocker since they block the enzyme which causes pattern baldness in men and women. Saw palmetto works best for male while stinging nettle is recommended for females with receding hairline.

Supplements containing biotin are also effective in controlling hair loss. They also promote growth of new hairs and do not have any known side effects.

You can buy these supplements from the market as pills or capsule. However, now a day they are also available in powdered and liquid forms.

Beautiful shiny hairs are a great confidence booster. Add Hair Growth supplements to your diet and turn yourself into a style diva.

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