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Hair Growth Vitamins To Maintain The Health Of Our Hair Naturally

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Hair is a natural crown on the head, which adds beauty to a face. It also gives a boost to our self-confidence. However, if we start loosing hair, do not panic and find the reasons for loss of hair. Remedial step will be to take hair growth vitamins, as a natural supplement everyday.

Causes of hair fall

Hair fall may be caused due to improper diet, stress, medicines taken during illness, hereditary, age, and change in hormones and not to forget the pollution.

Role of Vitamin A, B, C and E are vital in hair growth

Intake of balanced diet not only helps in giving nutrition to our body, but helps to stimulate growth of healthy hair. Vitamin deficiency is mainly caused due to many reasons. It could be due insufficient diet, genetic or illness.

Vitamin A: Taking excess food which is rich in vitamin A makes your hair to dry and rough. Therefore, it is advisable to take accurate quantity of food containing vitamin A

Vitamin B: Vitamin B, which is important for growth of hair, is B-3, B-5, B-6, B-7 and B-12. They produce natural healthy oils and also help blood to reach your scalp and make the roots of the hair strong.

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Vitamin C: It flushes out the toxins present in our body and helps to boost hair growth.

Vitamin E: It improves the circulation of blood in your scalp, which improves hair growth.

Even minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, and proteins along with the vitamins work together to stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

Different sources of vitamins rich food

Vitamin A: Milk, egg, meat, fish, green vegetables (cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots etc.), orange colored fruits (peach, papaya, mangoes, etc)

Vitamin B: Milk, cheese, butter, meat, eggs, cereals, leafy vegetables, fish, fruits, peanuts, beans.

Vitamin C: Tomatoes, orange, strawberries, pineapples, grapes, spinach, green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin E: Cereals, peanuts, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans.

Many hair growth vitamins are available at the drug stores, but it would be better if you consult your doctor first. Do not take excessive dosage for an urge to have your hair grow faster. It will further damage you’re the health of your hair.

We get a supply of minerals, proteins and vitamins from the different sources of food that we take everyday. We must not take food items that have excessive vitamins of only one category. For example vitamin A, if you take it in excess, then it will harm your hair. Intake of anything in excess can have an adverse effect on your health and you may end up losing your precious hair.

You could also avoid taking foods which lack in vitamin B, as it acts positively on our stressed mind and thus, its deficiency could lead to severe hair fall. Eating natural food items like wheat, cereals, pulses, fruits, green and leafy vegetables, milk and milk products will enhance hair growth vitamins in your body. A healthy balanced diet gives you a strong immune system along with healthy hair.

However, due to our hectic way of living, we do not follow these basic rules of eating and thus, it is recommended by doctors to take hair growth vitamins, which provide us the supplement we need.

Regular intake of hair growth vitamins will supply necessary blood to your scalp and the hair roots will become strong. Thus, your hair will get nourished and become soft and silky to touch. Feel proud of your long and silky hair, a result of taking natural supplement of vitamins.

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